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AP Seminar: English 10 


The College Board on September 18 facilitated a webinar on how to complete the audit process and gain access to the teacher resources.  Here is the link to that video:   https://mediastream.ksde.org/Media/CSAS/English10APSeminar.mp4

Community of Practice:

December 2023:  This CoP discusses the relationship between Kansas ELA standards and AP standards along with the sequence of AP English courses and scoring training requirements.  Chris DeLuca gives information on pacing, Where should I be now? and Where should I be going next?.  Grading during performance tasks becomes difficult.  Learn some of Chris's tricks of the trade. 

January 2024:  Academic Conversations are pivotal during this time .  Chris DeLuca shares updates to AI and guidelines given by College Board to address purposes and usages of various AI platforms.  Using peer review to give students meaningful feedback is a must!  Finally,what to I do with the stimulus materials?  What pacing and guidance was given in using these for the first time.


  • Steps to complete the AP Course Audit process:


Course Catalog Language for AP Seminar: English 10:

The AP Seminar: English 10 course exposes students to a variety of texts covering multiple genres, topics, and rhetorical contexts in a seminar-style setting. These courses foster students’ ability to summarize and explain the salient ideas in a text by analyzing an author’s perspective, rhetorical choices, and argumentative structure. Students evaluate a variety of literary, informational, and visual texts, and synthesize perspectives to develop evidence-based arguments. Students convey their findings through multiple written formats, multimedia presentations, and oral defenses.

Other Resources


Please contact Joann McRell for additional information at  jmcrell@ksde.org or 785.296.2144.


KSDE has an English Language Arts listserv available for those interested in receiving information about upcoming trainings and current updates with standards and assessments. If you would like to be added to this list, please email Joann McRell at jmcrell@ksde.org.



K-12 ELA Standards (2023): The changes to the standards center upon structured literacy and the science of reading.in the Reading Foundational strand.  Another large change is the use of complex text so students experience a wide range of text at various levels.  Finally,  revision of standards RL/RI 2, 5, 6, 9, and 11a.

K-12 ELA Crosswalk (2023):  The crosswalk compares the 2023 ELA standards to the 2017 ELA standards and explains why the revisions were made.

K-12 ELA Standards: Vertical Alignment: Vertical alignment of the standards allows teachers to isolate the new learning at grade level.  Also, this is the document that should be used when completing standards alignment.

K-6 Handwriting Standards (2020):  Handwriting standards centered on the alignment of the formation of letters and creating 

Writing Tenets (202!%3): The Writing Tenents form the focus of writing instruction across the state of Kansas.  Professional learning, documents, and how to implement will allow us to  improve writing instruction and transfer these ideas into student  writing.

Essential Elements Standards:  These ELA standards are for the lowest 1% of students.  They have been modified to reach the students zone of proximal development.  These should align with the DLM.



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