2014-2015 Kansas Model for Adding Student Growth Measures to All Kansas Educator Evaluation Systems

Student Growth Measures FACT SHEET for Teachers (pdf)

The KSDE method and final guidelines that include student growth as a significant factor in its teacher and principal evaluation and support systems are as follows:

  1. LEAs may select an evaluation system of choice for the instructional practice component--such as the Kansas default model (KEEP), commercial vendor based, or an LEA locally developed evaluation system, provided each district submits the annual Kansas D2 Assurances form stating how they will meet the six guidelines stipulated in the Kansas Flexibility Waiver.
  2. All Kansas LEAs will determine an overall Summative Evaluation Rating per evaluated educator regardless of the evaluation system chosen by a district.
  3. A Summary Rating for Student Growth Measures will be determined by using some combination of three approved student growth measures. One growth measure, as described on the Summary Rating Matrix, must be a Kansas State Assessment for those teachers of tested grades and subjects.
  4. A teacher/principal must meet two of three growth measures in order to receive a Summary Rating of Effective.
  5. KSDE will define for the state what it means to meet growth on Kansas State Assessments.
  6. A Summary Rating for Educator Instructional Practice will be determined by using the vetted rubrics for any evaluation system chosen by a district.
  7. A Summary Rating for Student Growth and a Summary Rating for Educator Instructional Practice, combined, will determine the overall Summative Evaluation Rating. School districts decide upon substantial weightings that are describable and defensible for Summary Rating #1 and #2 to complete the Summative Evaluation Rating.
Kansas Professional Learniing Team (KPLT)
The Kansas Professional Learning Team (KPLT) is a new group committed to dispersing correct information and training throughout Kansas K-12 regions and districts. The 28 member group is from all areas of the state and most currently already disperse KSDE information. Now the group will interact collectively to create dissemination processes that are coordinated. Evaluations information is one area this group will work together to convey. Please contact a local KPLT member for up-to-date information and trainings. KSDE staff will continue to be available.



Blue Valley USD 229

Tonya Merrigan, Executive Director, Curriculum & Instruction

Garden City USD 457

Dr. Steve Karlin, Deputy Superintendent

Hays USD 489

Shanna Dinkel, Curriculum Director

Kansas City USD 500

Dr. Sherry Samples, HR Director

Lawrence USD 497

Sarah M. Oatsvall, Assistant Director, Teaching & Learning

Olathe USD 233

Dr. Eric Punswick

Topeka USD 501

Diane Cox

Wichita USD 259

Alicia Thompson, Assistant Superintendent (Elementary)


Tamara Konrade


Ben Proctor, Hesston


Mary Getto

Keystone Region

Josh Woodward


Kurt Brown, Assistant Special Education Director


Diana Wieland, Colby

Smoky Hill

Darla Smith, Smoky Hill; Larry Patrick, alternate

Smoky Hill Region

Carol Arjona, Geary County


DeAnne Heersche, SCKESC


Teresa Tosh, Haysville


Michael Koonce, Greenbush


Amber Wheeler, Columbus


Kelly Gillespie, SWPRSC


Jason Johnson


Ardith Dunn

Dodge City USD 443

Mischel Miller


Doug Moeckel


Idalia Shuman

MTSS Core Team

Todd Wiedemann


Dayna Richardson

Learning Forward Kansas

Jill Lachenmeyer

Kansas State Assessment Update 2014-2017
Browsers and KEEP

As of 4/4/2014, KSDE applications support the following browsers: for Microsoft Windows - Internet Explorer (IE) 8, IE 9, and IE 10 when run in compatibility mode; for Macintosh - Firefox up to v26.0.

You may lose information or not be able to save if you use other browsers while in KEEP on either operating system. Using multiple tabs or having multiple tabs open while using KEEP can cause errors in KEEP.

KEEP Survey Results and Web Analytics
KEEP Web Pages Web Analytics Analytics Educator Evaluation Project Audience Overview 20130701-20140210.pdf

ESEA Waiver (regarding using student achievement data to inform personnel decisions) Public Comments, was open January 15, 2014 to February 16, 2014. ESEA Waiver Public Comments.docx

KEEP Debriefing Meeting February 19, 2014, Wichita, KS Debriefing KEEP Survey Results 2014.pptx
Kansas KEEP Pilot Participant Meeting Summary 2-19-2014.pdf
ESEA Flexibility Waiver - Principle 3, 6 Guidelines

WAIVER - Principle 3: Supporting Effective Instruction and Leadership
ESEA Flexibility Waiver Principle 3AB 5-1-2014.pdf

Six Guidelines -
Implement teacher & principal evaluation & support systems will:

  1. Use for continual improvement of instruction
  2. Use at least 3 performance levels
  3. Use multiple measures including student growth as significant factor
  4. Evaluate on a regular basis
  5. Provide clear, timely, and useful feedback
  6. Use to inform personnel decisions
Evaluation Systems Progression


The Kansas State Department of Education does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies: KSDE General Counsel, 900 SW Jackson, Topeka, KS 66612; 785-296-3201