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Evaluation Materials

Some materials that may aid you in the process and evaluation of materials may be found below.


Achieve- Task Annotation Project in Science (Link)

The Task Annotation Project was designed to answers the important questions of "what does it look like to ask students to demonstrate progress towards three-dimensional standards" and "what are the most important features of high-quality science tasks?". While these materials are not intended to evaluate an entire set of published materials, they would be beneficial to use when considering what 3 Dimensional tasks and assessments inside of a resources should include.
Grade Resource
Grades 3-5 (Link)
Grades 6-9  (Link)
Grades 9-12  (Link)

 Additional Tools and Resources from the Task Annotation Project (Link)


Science assessment tasks designed for the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and similar three-dimensional standards can—and should—come in all different forms. With so many different purposes and uses of assessments, it has been tricky to identify what really sets a three-dimensional assessment apart from a traditional assessment. 
The Task Annotation Project in Science (TAPS) surfaced some features that routinely distinguish NGSS tasks from science tasks that are not designed for the NGSS. This resource describes the “must-haves” of any NGSS assessment.


How can assessments be more equitable, and do assessments—classroom-based and external—have a role in promoting equitable approaches to science teaching and learning? By examining a wide range of tasks for how diverse learners can demonstrate progress, the Task Annotation Project in Science (TAPS) surfaced key ways science assessments can help make sure all students are supported in meeting their science learning goals. (Link)



 NextGen Time (Link) 

NextGen Time is a suite of tools and processes for curriculum-based professional learning that supports educators to evaluate, select and implement materials to support 3 Dimensional learning.
A summary of materials offered by Nextgen Time may be found below:
Stage Description Resource
Prepare Prepare to evluate, select, and implement instructional materials  (Link)
Prescreen Use a small number of criteria to focus on the most relevant materials  (Link)
Paperscreen Use evidence and rubrics to evaluate materials as used in the classroom  (Link)
Pilot Use evidence and rubrics to evaluate materials as used in the classroom  (Link)
Plan Plan for broad and effective implementation of materials  (Link)


EdReports (Link)

EdReports is an independent nonprofit designed to improve education by providing reviews of K-12 instructional materials.


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