2017 Kansas Mathematics Standards Student Glossary

Below you will find grade banded versions of the student glossary found in the 2017 Kansas Mathematics Standards. These documents contain some of the important mathematical terms students should have working knowledge of and at what grade band this knowledge should be formulated. The documents were created in PowerPoint to allow teachers to create word walls and graphic organizers for their students. In the notes section of each slide you will see the grade band listed at which the standards and learning progressions for mathematics state a student should have acquired this term into their working mathematical vocabulary. 

You can sort the following documents by clicking on the title of the column by which you would like to sort.
K-12 Student GlossaryUpdated 12-10-18 Isosceles Triangle added for HSK-12 words for students.
9-12 Student GlossaryUpdated 12-10-18 Isosceles Triangle added9-12 words for students.
K-5 Student GlossaryUpdated 2/13/18K-5 words for students.
6-8 Student GlossaryUpdated 2/13/186-8 words for students.
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