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Word map of the combined text of the vision for science education from Kansas Science Educators

July 2014

"In an ideal world, students would be able to make observations, ask questions, and design projects and experiments to have their questions answered. I want students to not only learn about the study of life but also how it affects their daily life."
--Brooke Ralph, USD 345

" necessary for good citizens to carry out their responsibilities in society"
--Kansas science educator

"Students must develop the ability to analyze the quality and the appropriate application of evidence in order to be competitive in global market of inventions and economics."
--Bruce Wellman, USD 233

"Life is science. Without knowledge of science, life is more confusing, less linked to us as part of the ecosystem and less complete, or interesting. Thinkers are able to go beyond facts and apply ideas."
--Joyce Depenbusch, USD 438

"I want students to learn to think independently and solve problems.To understand that science is a process not a bunch of facts to memorize from a book.To realize that science is all around them in every thing that they do, see, touch, and hear."
--Virginia Wolken, USD 101

"I would like my students to develop and hone their ability to ask questions and seek appropriate solutions."
--Frances Wecker, USD 253

"Students need to be able to realize that THEY hold the answers if they would think about the problem they are challenged with in a critical, methodical way. This isn't just with the problems of science, but more importantly the problems of life."
--Kansas science educator

"I want students to learn how to become investigator and creators in the science environment. Too often students are told how science works but never given the chance to show how/why it works. Students need to use this knowledge to create and investigate projects, record, then display data on why something worked or did not work."
--Derrick Richling, Elementary Teacher USD 373

"By teaching students how to learn and study new situations you are not limiting them to what they can learn in your class but you are giving them what they need to be successful in any situation."
--Phillip Schmidt, USD 373

 Description of the Kansas Vision for Science Education Project

The word cloud above was started from the vision of teachers from about a dozen districts in Kansas and is regularly updated by registered users of this website.  Participants are asked two basic questions: 

1. What do you hope that your students learn about science?
2. Why is it important for students to learn about science in this way?

Responses are combined into a single text document and analyzed using Wordle to create the image above.

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