General Common Core Information
Kansas College and Career Ready Standards WebsiteKSDE website devoted to the Kansas Common Core Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Subjects.
National Common Core WebsiteNational website devoted to providing information around the nationally based common core standards.
General Resources: Lessons, Tasks, Video Lessons, etc.
Mississippi College- and Career-Readiness Standards Scaffolding DocumentsThese documents provide a close analysis of the requirements for student mastery. Because of the rigor and depth of the Standards, scaffolding instruction to meet the needs of all learners.
Mathematics Vocabulary CardsThis page contains math vocabulary cards for Kindergarten through 8th Grade and Secondary 1 Mathematics. These cards can also be found in Spanish, Chinese, and French under the Dual Immersion menu.
YouCubedMath site created by Jo Boaler at Stanford University. Tasks, courses, videos, and much more!
Greg Tang MathSite provides many resources: books, games, problem generators etc.
K-12 Open Educational Resources (OER) CollaborativeEleven state education agencies are collaborating to develop comprehensive, high-quality, open educational resources (OERs) supporting mathematics and ELA state standards.
Harding University Math Specialist WebsiteFor teachers to share math resources from or inspired by Harding University STEM Center for Math and Science Education .
Granite School District Math VocabularyUTAH site for vocabulary cards, lessons, SMP posters and More
Big MarkerWe are math teachers who share what we've learned, cause we don't want our classes to suck the energy from students. Professional development among friends, not just colleagues. Fun! Immediately useful! Interesting!
Better LessonsIntroducing CC.BetterLesson — a brand new, free resource from the BetterLesson team featuring the highest quality Common Core-aligned lessons created through our Master Teacher Project.
The Charles A. Dana CenterImplementation resources for the KKCRSM.
Thinking BlocksThinking Blocks was developed by Colleen King in 2003 to help students who were struggling with math word problems.
NEA and BetterLesson Launch New Site with Over 3,000 Common Core LessonsThe NEA and BetterLesson launched a new website that has been built entirely for the Common Core State Standards and features the lessons of over 130 master teachers who represent K-12 grades for math and English language arts and literacy.
Geometry in Constructioncombine the current geometry curriculum with the current construction curriculum in order to create a contextualized model for teaching
PearlTrees Ohio MathPearlTrees is a collaborative website to store thoughts, links, videos, and notes. Teachers can easily post an idea or "pearl" on a specific topic or a post a series of topics in a unit of study on their "tree".
PBS Learning MediaPBS LearningMedia™ provides educators with strategies, tools, and professional development resources needed to fully utilize digital learning. Videos can be sorted by standard.
LearnZillionThe site is an online learning platform that combines video lessons recorded by selective group of teachers, assessments and progress reporting. Each lesson—more than 2000 currently available—is linked to a specific CCSSM content standard
Southeastern Comprehensive Center This site contains a set of videos directly linked to the Common Core content standards. Each video is an audiovisual resource that focuses on one or more specific standards and usually includes examples/illustrations geared to enhancing understanding
Ohio Resources Center This site provides a broad range of instructional resources for each grade level K-8 and for each High School Domain. In addition, the resources include assessments and curriculum resources.
Mathematics Common Core Toolkit This site, from the Dana Center at the University of Texas, contains key visualizations or animations for grades 6-12, K-12 grade and course level curriculum frameworks for implementing the Common Core.
LearnNCThis site provides a broad range of “aligned resources” for each grade level K-8 and for each High School Domain. Each set of resources are linked directly to the specific Common Core content standards.
Dan Meyer’s Three-Act Math Tasks This site is a spreadsheet with links to approximately 60 lessons that are each linked to one or more grade 6 through High School Common Core Math Standards and one or more Standards for Mathematical Practice.
NCTM IlluminationsNCTM Illuminations is designed to provide standards-based resources that improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students. These NCTM resources include 108 online activities, 607 standards-based lesson plans and links to 724 links to math
SUPPORTING ELLs IN MATHEMATICSThe goal of these materials is to illustrate how Common Core aligned math tasks can be used to support math instruction and language development for ELLs at three grade spans (elementary, middle, and high school).
Federal Registry for Educational Excellence Website The new version of the Federal Registry for Educational Excellence (FREE) is powered by the Learning Registry, an open database for sharing digital learning resources.
Understanding and Teaching FractionsPowerpoint by Department of Mathematics at the University of Georgia which focuses on fractions and teaching fractions.
Mathematics Assessment ProjectThe project is working to design and develop well-engineered assessment tools to support US schools in implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM).
Inside MathematicsThis site features classroom examples of innovative teaching methods and insights into student learning, tools for mathematics instruction that teachers can use immediately, and video tours of the ideas and materials on the site.
Free Illustrations Show Common Core Mathematical Practices in Action Educators may browse a library of illustrations for all of the practices, each of which includes a mathematics task, student dialogue, teacher reflection questions, mathematical overview, and student materials.
NYC Department of Education Common Core Task Alignment ProcessNYC Department of Education Common Core Task Alignment Process
North Carolina States Learning Trajectories Hexagon Map Unpacked descriptors describe students' movement from naive to sophisticated ideas by identifying bridging standards; underlying cognitive principles; student misconceptions, strategies and inscriptions; and models, related representations and contexts.
NCTM Core Math ToolsCore Math Tools is a downloadable suite of interactive software tools for algebra and functions, geometry and trigonometry, and statistics and probability.
Mathematics Learning in Early ChildhoodLays out the critical areas that should be the focus of young children's early math education, explores the extent to which they are currently being incorporated in early childhood settings & identifies the changes needed to improve the quality of math ex
Tools for the Common Core StandardsNews about tools that are being developed to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards.
Illustrative MathematicsProvides guidance to educators by illustrating the range and types of mathematical work that students experience in a faithful implementation of the CCSS, and by publishing other tools that support implementation of the standards.
Achieve the CoreThis site is here to provide free, high-quality resources to educators now doing the hard work of implementing these higher standards.
Textbook Review Sites
Washington State OER Quality Review ProcessFocus on High School resources.
Louisiana Curricular Resources Annotated ReviewsState of Louisiana reviewed many textbooks and has a list of recommended texts as well as their evaluation available on their website.
State of Hawaii Textbook ReviewState of Hawaii conducted reviews of various textbooks and provides feedback on their findings.
State of Indiana Review of Textbooks and Curricular MaterialsState of Indiana conducted reviews of various textbooks and provides feedback on their findings.
State of Kentucky Textbook Review State of Kentucky reviewed many textbooks and has a list of recommended texts as well as their evaluation available on their website.
Curriculum Maps
Great Minds Curriculum Maps & Pacing Guides A one-page Curriculum Map, color coded by domain, lays out all the modules for a given grade span (PK-5, 6-8, 9-12). To assist educators who struggle with pacing instruction as well as preparing for instruction, we offer a Pacing and Preparation Guide for
Illustrative Mathematics Course BlueprintsK-5 and High school units of study. Middle school is coming next!
Louisiana Department of Education K-12 Math Planning Resources 
Curriculum Planning & Mapping Math Session PowerPoint from September 8, 2014 Curriculum Leaders Meeting
Curriculum Planning & Mapping RecordingSeptember 8, 2014 Math & Science Curriculum Leaders Meeting: Livestream
Emergent Math This site contains Problem-based curriculum maps that align web-based problems and lessons to each of the grade 6-8 and High School Common Core Standards.
Engage New York The site contains CCSSM curriculum overview maps for grades PK-5, 6-8 and 9-12 and complete curriculum modules for grades PK-12.
Disciplinary Literacy
Teaching Reading In The Content AreasBy Rachel Billmeyer, Ph.D. Mary Lee Barton, M.Ed.
Center For Research on Learning: Content Enhancement 
NCTM: Reasoning and Sense Making Task Library 
Teaching Disciplinary Literacy to Adolescents: Rethinking Content-Area LiteracyIn this article, Timothy and Cynthia Shanahan argue that “disciplinary literacy” — advanced literacy instruction embedded within content-area classes such as math, science, and social studies — should be a focus of middle and secondary school settings.
Wisconsin Department of Public Education- Mathematical Literacy and the Math Practices 
Partnership with KATM

KSDE is collaborating with the Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics (KATM) to help identify resources, plan professional development, and provide assistance to teachers, administrators, and community members around mathematics instruction. KATM maintains and updates an annotated Common Core Mathematics resource page at the following link:

KATM Common Core Resources.

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