A Framework for K-12 Science Education

                  K-12 Framework for Science Education  




 A Framework K-12 for Science Education-- This document casts a grand vision for science education that is fundamentally rooted in the research about how students learn science and it laid the foundation for our Kansas Standards for Science.  Understanding the vision of this document is essential to effective implementation of the new standards.  This sounds simple enough, but at 400+ pages, you'll want to make sure you set aside a few minutes.  A thorough reading of the Framework is a great activity for professional learning communities (PLCs).                    
  • OK, now that you've got the big picture, dig deeper and engage the complete Framework--need more motivation and support to bite off the full Framework? use this NSTA Study Guide (free download) and read the Framework with a group.
Framework for K-12 Science Education resources: 
--Webinar Series: K-12 Framework to NGSS
this webinar series offers sessions on:
 --More Framework Resources
  • Bozeman Science: Next Generation Science Standards --This YouTube video series of short videos will walk you  through each of the three dimensions of the Framework document in detail.  It's a great reference as you work through the Framework.

  • Framework Wordles--zip file of "word cloud" images (3.4 MB) give a visual snapshot of sections of the framework document as conversation starters for learning about the Framework.

  • Framework Webinars
    • National Academies Webinars
    • NSTA webinar on the Framework
    • NSTA webinar series on the practices in the Framework--

      A series of free web seminars and archived webinars (Sep-Dec 2012)on the practices described in the Framework. Each web seminar focuses on a particular practice outlined in the Framework and will provide information on the key elements of the practice; how the practice is part of the broader set of practices that work together (and how no practice is taught in isolation); how the practice can be used in combination with disciplinary core ideas and crosscutting concepts to form performance expectations; and what the use of the practice really looks like in the classroom.                    

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