Mission Statement

The mission of the Association shall be to promote the professional growth of its members through information, recognition, service and fellowship.

2017-2019 OFFICERS

Pat Bone

Kelli Byrne

Melissa Holder (KASB)

Tamla Miller, CEOE

Past President
Juanita Anderson

Membership Information

The membership year is the same as the fiscal year for education. (July-June)

Become a member of an association that promotes learning opportunities throughout the year! Meetings and activities happen each month for the benefit of every member. Many choices of involvement exist. The Kansas Association (KAEOP) as well as the National Association (NAEOP) are part of a bigger picture should you feel the desire to further enhance your participation.  

The mission of the Association shall be to promote the professional growth of its members through information, recognition, service, and fellowship.

Membership Dues:
$10.00 annually and Associate Members, $5.00 annually - payable to KSDE AEOP, Tamla Miller, Treasurer

Active Members
Juanita Anderson - CSAS
Barb Bahm -- CSAS
Pat Bone - SETS
Kelli Byrne - CSAS
Ashley Christiansen - TLA
Theresa Cote - DLS
Melissa Holder - KASB
Michelle Irvine - CNW
Gwen Kramer - CSAS
Jenni Marlatt-- CSAS
Tamla Miller - CRP
Linda Wallis - FA
Jan Williams - IT
Charlotte Zeller - IT

Associate Members
Dee Lewis
Nancy Lister
Donna Matthis
Sarah Palubinski


KSDE Shirts/Apparel

Payment is due when order forms are turned in. Give to one of the following committee members starting, Fri, Nov 2nd and ending Mon, Nov 19th.

3 Ways to Order - NO logo, Kansans CAN logo, KSDE logo

QUESTIONS...contact one of the 3 listed below.
Tamla Miller – 1st Floor, Communication & Recognition Programs
Gwen Kramer – 6th Floor, Career, Standards, & Assessment Services
Theresa Cote – 6th Floor, Division of Learning Services

Make checks payable to: KSDE AEOP

Description and Cost
Order Form

Item Details
101 Ladies Vest
102 Ladies Oxford
103 Ladies Cardigan

104 Ladies Cardigan
105 Ladies Polo
106 Men's Oxford
107 Men's Polo
108 Ladies Hooded Jacket
109 Men's Hooded Jacket
110 Men's Vest


KSDE-AEOP Student Scholarship Program

All Kansas students who will be attending any Kansas Postsecondary College or Technical School are encouraged to apply by January 17, 2019.

2019 Student Scholarship Application


3rd Annual KSDE-AEOP Distinguished Service Award - 2019

The KSDE AEOP Distinguished Service Award recognizes KSDE educational office professionals who have demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and commitment.   Nominations will be accepted through March 2, 2019.  The Awardee will be presented the Distinguished Service Award and recognized during the Association’s Administrative Professionals Day recognition ceremony in April 2019.

KSDE-AEOP Distinguished Service Award - 2019



KSDE-AEOP Professional Learning Scholarship Program

(For AEOP members and KSDE Agency Staff)

Guidelines Document
Scholarship App

To submit your application or for further information, please contact:

Pat Bone



Goals and Objectives


Increase and maintain membership

  •  Provide a mentor for new KSDE office professionals
  • Recognize the dedication of members
  • Utilize the expertise and professional experiences of members

Provide networking opportunities

  • Conduct monthly association meetings
  • Sponsor association fund-raising activities

 Promote professional development opportunities

  • Encourage attendance and participation in local, state, national and central area meetings
  • Enhance leadership skills by serving as officers and committee chairmen

  • Sponsor quarterly professional learning opportunities for agency office professionals


Encourage service and recognition to the agency and the communit

  • Sponsor annual student scholarship
  • Provide professional learning scholarships for agency office professionals
  • Sponsor community service projects
  • Participate in National Educational Bosses Week
  • Participate in National Administrative Professionals Day

The Kansas State Department of Education Association of Educational Office Professionals was founded in the early 1960’s.

The KSDE Association is affiliated with the Kansas Association of Educational Office Professionals (KAEOP) and the National Association of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP).

The Association meets monthly on the third Wednesday of each month from 2:00-3:00 p.m.

All education office personnel in the Kansas State Department of Education or an associated educational office are eligible for membership in the association.

Annual membership dues are $10.00 to be paid by September 1.

Downloadable Brochure
2018-2019 KAEOP Officers

Charlotte Zeller, CEOE
Gwen Kramer, CEOE
Immediate Past President:
Tamla Miller, CEOE
Kansas Association of Educational Office Professionals


Charlotte Zeller, CEOE
2017-2018 Education Partners Chairman

Theresa Cote, CEOE
2015 Jackie Evans Award for Outstanding Service
The Jackie Evans Award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated exceptional abilities and leadership performance. It is not an award given every year, only when the Board feels there is an individual deserving. Congratulations Theresa! 

 Professional Learning

Office 365 Overview ppt - 01-25-18 by Sarah Palubinski

Book Study - Fall / Winter 2017-18
The Fred Factor  by Mark Sanborn


Book Study - Fall / Winter 2016-17
Who Took My Pen... Again? by Joan Burge


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