2010-2011 DQC Hall of Fame
The staff members listed below have successfully completed all requirements of the DQC program by either renewing a certification earned during the 2009-2010 year or by completing all requirements of the 2010-2011 program.




TrackSorted By Track In Ascending OrderFirst NameLast NameDistrictLocationDate CompletedSpecial Concentrations
JenniferGilmore202Turner11/2/2010Assessments & Accountability Data
 MelissaJasnoch105Rawlins County11/16/2010Assessments & Accountability Data
 Juanette Birk245LeRoy/Gridley11/18/2010Career & Technical Education Data
 RonYoung470Arkansas City12/7/2010Assessments & Accountability Data
 Maria Arreola500Kansas City3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 BlancaCano457 Garden City3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 CarlosCardoza 443Dodge City3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 Sara Carrillo480Newcomers' Center3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 Brianda Lobatos 500Kansas City3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 Lilia Marin 500Kansas City3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 SueMcGowan470Arkansas City3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 Lizbeth Meneses 500Kansas City3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 Josandra Mesa 457Garden City3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 Vanessa Mora500Kansas City3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 Vilma Orrantia 457Garden City 3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 RocioOrtiz102Cimarron3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 Leticia Pompa 500Kansas City3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 Kang Connie Thao 500Kansas City3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 Phyllis Thornton NKESCOakley3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 Kathy Wentz NKESCOakley3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
 Illene Huffman113Sabetha4/7/2011Career & Technical Education Data
JoseHernandez 102Cimarron3/1/2011Migrant Student Data
AdministratorMarc Williams400Smoky Valley10/14/2010 
AdministratorMarkFrehe453Leavenworth11/16/2010Career & Technical Education Data, Assessments & Accountability Data
AdministratorSharonPruett244Burlington1/20/2011Assessments & Accountabilty Data
AdministratorWendyDenham232De Soto2/18/2011 
AdministratorJamie Wetig 377Atchison County 2/26/2011 
AdministratorBrian Minks 205 Bluestem3/2/2011 
AdministratorGene Short401Chase 3/9/2011 
AdministratorBruceBolen 103Cheylin3/9/2011 
AdministratorEric Sjogren355Ellinwood 3/11/2011 
AdministratorDavid Engelking 260Derby3/13/2011 
AdministratorVicki Haselhorst 428 Great Bend3/21/2011 
AdministratorSherra Taylor 357 Belle Plaine 4/5/2011 
AdministratorTroy Keiswetter 270Plainville4/8/2011 
AdministratorDave Norman430Horton4/16/2011 
AdministratorStacey Giebler 450Berryton4/23/2011 
Administrator Bonnie Deiter 214 Ulysses 7/14/2010 
Administrator Julie Dolley 359 Argonia 7/13/2010 
Administrator Lindsey Hansen 409 Atchison7/9/2010 
Administrator Joe Harrison 273 Beloit 7/12/2010 
Administrator Jim Krone 409 Atchison 7/9/2010 
Administrator Barb Mertens Bethany Lutheran Wichita 7/29/2010 
Administrator Robert Mueller 409 Atchison 7/9/2010 
Administrator Ken Parry 398 Peabody 7/11/2010 
Administrator Lisa Brookover 402 Augusta 9/23/2010 
Administrator RandyCorns 389 Eureka8/27/2010 
Administrator Forrest Covey 409 Atchison 9/23/2010 
Administrator Rita Decker 385 Andover 9/16/2010 
Administrator Terrel Harrison 315 Colby 9/9/2010 
Administrator Cheryl Keim 224 Clyde 9/16/2010 
Administrator Sheila Koop 214 Ulysses 9/16/2010 
Administrator Dan McAdam Z0031 St. Joseph 9/9/2010 
Administrator Jerry Minneman 307 Ell-Saline 9/23/2010 
Administrator Chantel Nicolay 497 Lawrence 9/23/2010 
Administrator Don Potter 498 Valley Heights8/31/2010 
Administrator Randy Rivers 205 Bluestem 8/27/2010 
Administrator Noel Rueb 409 Atchinson 9/9/2010 
Administrator Ronald Scott 108 Washington8/31/2010 
Administrator Randy Wagoner 447Cherryvale9/23/2010 
Administrator Diana Wieland 315 Colby 9/16/2010 
Administrator Steve Williams 266 Maize9/23/2010 
Administrator Jimmy Hay 368 Paola 9/16/2010 
Administrator Kevin Lunsford 453 Leavenworth 9/24/2010 
Administrator Craig Carter 345 Seaman 9/3/2010 
Administrator Terry Eis 261 Haysville 9/29/2010Assessments & Accountability Data
Administrator Rhonda Frakes 340 Meriden 9/30/2010 
Administrator Leeann Fitzgerald 453Leavenworth11/8/2010 
Administrator Eric Folkerts 409 Atchison 11/16/2010 
Administrator Bernice Gregory453Leavenworth12/5/2010
Administrator Pam Best416Louisburg2/23/2011 
Administrator Morey Balzer 357 Belle Plaine 4/5/2011 
Administrator Randy Heatherly 248Girard4/15/2011 
Administrator Theresa LamDiocese of WichitaSt. Patrick 4/15/2011 
Administrator Ted Hessong 249Frontenac4/18/2011 
Administrator Kristi Hoffine204 Bonner Springs4/21/2011 
Administrator RodAllen 368 Paola 7/30/2010 
Administrator Bill Hall 214Ulysses 7/14/2010 
Administrator Yvonne Rothe 260Derby 7/12/2010 
Administrator Chuck Schmidt 446 Independence7/16/2010 
Administrator LanaEvans 480 Liberal 9/9/2010 
Administrator Cory Gibson250 Pittsburg 9/23/2010 
Administrator Sue Givens 490 El Dorado9/9/2010 
Administrator Alan Jamison 360 Caldwell9/9/2010 
Administrator Ebony Hart 505Chetopa 10/1/2010 
Administrator ByronMarshall273Beloit10/15/2010 
Administrator Mike Maurer 261 Haysville10/19/2010 
Administrator Rebecca Filiatreault259 Wichita 10/22/2010 
Administrator Chris Kase 409Atchison 10/22/2010 
Administrator Keith Mispagel 207Fort Leavenworth 11/8/2010 
Administrator Emily Faught 259District Office11/16/2010
Administrator Ruth Heinrichs 428Great Bend 11/18/2010 
Administrator Stacy Graff 453 Leavenworth12/1/2010 
Administrator Tina Daniels305Salina3/5/2011 
Administrator Glenna Grinstead401Chase3/9/2011 
Administrator Brian Rowley 355Ellinwood3/11/2011 
Administrator Christy Ziegler 231Gardner Edgerton3/15/2011 
Administrator Debbie Sanders260Derby4/1/2011 
Administrator Mike Boyd458Basehor-Linwood4/4/2011 
Administrator CherylBaston 500Kansas City4/20/2011 
Administrator Mark Preut377Atchison 4/22/2011 
Administrator Monika KingMaur Hill-Mt. AcademyAtchison4/23/2011 
Administrator Randy Wetzel 428Great Bend 5/5/2011 
Administrator Linda Roggenkamp754Manhattan Catholic11/1/2010 
Administrator TomMeagher 489 Hays9/3/2010 
Administrator Bob Stackhouse 332Cunningham9/9/2010 
Administrator Kim Juenemann 505Chetopa-St. Paul9/30/2010 
Administrator Bret Howard389Eureka 10/12/2010 
Administrator Becky Bowes416Rockville 10/29/2010 
Administrator Kurtis Downing 409Atchison11/16/2010 
Administrator Becky Greer450Tecumseh11/16/2010 
Administrator Max Clark331 Kingman11/19/2010 
Administrator Tom Sack409Atchison 11/19/2010 
Administrator Bill Patterson421 Lyndon11/30/2010 
Administrator Pamela Robinson 453Leavenworth12/1/2010 
Administrator Ringnolda Tremain 453Leavenworth12/1/2010 
Administrator Dave Younger440Halstead 12/2/2010 
Administrator Kelly Ott453 Leavenworth12/2/2010 
Administrator Amy Flinn320Wamego2/3/2011 
Administrator Ralph Beacham609Greenbush4/18/2011 
Administrator Terri Wiseman358Oxford4/19/2011 
Administrator Deana Waltrip 331Norwich 4/25/2011 
Administrator Sheila Wendling402Augusta5/5/2011 
Administrator TerryAdams 480Liberal8/27/2010 
Administrator Mike Aytes383Manhattan-Ogden9/30/2010 
Administrator DeAnna Ryberg305Salina9/30/2010 
Administrator BradenAnshutz 330Mission Valley10/8/2010 
Administrator ShariRooks385Andover 11/4/2010 
Administrator Matt Hirsch450Shawnee Heights11/16/2010 
Administrator Deborah Hamm358Oxford11/30/2010 
Administrator Dawn McKinney467Leoti11/30/2010 
Administrator James Bolden360Caldwell12/1/2010 
Administrator Tate Toedman KSDETopeka3/14/2011 
Administrator Sandy Nichols361Chaparral3/23/2011 
Administrator BrianGee396Douglass8/31/2010 
Administrator DaveTappan416Louisburg10/21/2010 
Administrator SherriEdmundson314Brewster10/21/2010 
Administrator Jennifer Bessolo 450Tecumseh2/3/2011 
Administrator Diane Nickelson264Clearwater3/16/2011 
Administrator, Data CoordinatorMelissaTillmanKSDETopeka4/1/2011Assessments & Accountability Data, Migrant Student Data, Special Education Data, Enrollment & Transportation Data, Career & Technical Education Data
Administrator, Data CoordinatorJudi MillerKSDETopeka3/22/2011Migrant Student Data
Administrator, Data Coordinator Cherie NicholsonKSDETopeka4/6/2011 
Administrator, Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & AccountabilityLindaProehl503Parsons8/12/2010
Administrator, Program Staff in Assessments & AccountabilityTeresaTosh261Haysville5/5/2011Assessments & Accountability Data
Administrator, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Kathy Cook 407 Russell County9/23/2010Special Education Data
Administrator, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Kelly HolderKSDETopeka4/28/2011 
Data CoordinatorMarcie Boring257Iola5/28/2010 
Data CoordinatorMichelle Burroughs 368 Paola 5/20/2010
Data CoordinatorJackieClark 490 El Dorado 5/20/2010 
Data CoordinatorKen Clay264 Clearwater 6/4/2010 
Data CoordinatorCynthia Conrady 360 Caldwell 5/28/2010 
Data CoordinatorAmy Crotinger 450 Shawnee Heights 6/4/2010 
Data CoordinatorRita Deplue 249 Frontenac 6/4/2010 
Data CoordinatorCarla Depperschmidt 294 Oberlin 5/28/2010 
Data CoordinatorDebbie Kesinger 342 McLouth 5/28/2010 
Data CoordinatorJeffAndrews453Leavenworth10/2/2010 
Data CoordinatorCarilyn BerndSt. PatrickParsons10/2/2010 
Data CoordinatorAngelaForshee382Pratt10/5/2010Assessments & Accountability Data
Data CoordinatorCarol Wright417Council Grove10/15/2010 
Data CoordinatorDebbieBarone246Arma10/19/2010 
Data CoordinatorMarciaPhilbrick442Nemaha2/25/2011Assessments & Accountability Data
Data CoordinatorLydaColeman486Elwood11/7/2010 
Data CoordinatorMartinO'Brate609Lawrence-Gardner12/2/2010 
Data CoordinatorShermainSandersKSDETopeka2/3/2011 
Data CoordinatorJessicaLudlumKSDETopeka2/4/2011 
Data CoordinatorCharlotteBognerKSDETopeka4/8/2011Assessments & Accountability Data, Migrant Student Data, Special Education Data, Career & Technical Education Data
Data CoordinatorElaine Pfeifer 364 Marysville 2/21/2011 
Data Coordinator Colette Fangman232 De Soto 6/11/2010 
Data Coordinator Tracy Graber 460 Hesston 6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator Sheila Hill 249 Frontenac 6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator Betty Hilton 402 Augusta 6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator Tracy Isaac 460 Hesston 5/28/2010 
Data Coordinator Carlene Jackson 349 Stafford 5/21/2010 
Data Coordinator Yvonne Lane495 Ft. Larned 5/28/2010 
Data Coordinator Jonna Little 396 Douglass 6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator Kim Lohrengel 266 Maize 6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator Cheri McBratney 266 Maize 5/28/2010 
Data Coordinator Wanda McGuire 506 Altamont 5/20/2010Career & Technical Education Data, Assessments & Accountability Data, Enrollment & Transportation Data
Data Coordinator Mary Lynn Myers 255 South Barber 6/18/2010 
Data Coordinator Doreen Nachbor 396 Douglass 6/11/2010 
Data Coordinator Janice Pivonka 403 Otis-Bison 5/28/2010Career & Technical Education Data
Data Coordinator Julie Rybnick 249 Frontenac 6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator Anita Sontheimer 486 Elwood 6/29/2010Career & Technical Education Data
Data Coordinator Lisa Stoppel 460 Hesston 6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator Patty Tolman 267 Andale 6/29/2010 
Data Coordinator Kaye Walker 250 Pittsburg 5/21/2010 
Data Coordinator Paula Wallace 365 District Office5/20/2010Assessments & Accountability Data
Data Coordinator Cheryl Washburn 255 South Barber6/29/2010 
Data Coordinator Karen White 266 Maize 6/11/2010 
Data Coordinator Becky White 491 Eudora 6/11/2010 
Data Coordinator Tamara Williams 320 Wamego 6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator Linda Woehrle 229 Blue Valley 5/28/2010 
Data Coordinator Denise Bahner 434 Carbondale 8/26/2010 
Data Coordinator Kristi Baird 511 Attica 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Shirley Baker 361 Anthony 9/3/2010 
Data Coordinator Doug Berg 231 Gardner 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Shellee Brown 465 Winfield 8/26/2010 
Data Coordinator Barbara Cooper 263 Mulvane 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Carla Davison 259 Wichita 9/16/2010 
Data Coordinator Johnna Dehlinger 389 Eureka 8/27/2010 
Data Coordinator Deb Foley 204 Bonner Springs 8/27/2010 
Data Coordinator Michelle Forney 305 Salina 8/31/2010 
Data Coordinator Nancy Furney 417 Council Grove 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Martina Gieber 333 Concordia 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Vicki Hill 373 Newton 8/31/2010 
Data Coordinator Allison Humar 233 Olathe 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Catherine Jones 284 Cottonwood Falls 9/23/2010 
Data Coordinator Sherrill Martinez KSDE Topeka 9/16/2010 
Data Coordinator Debbie Minor 331 Kingman 9/16/2010 
Data Coordinator Gaila Nielsen 355 Ellinwood 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Jenny Ott 512 Shawnee Mission 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Kathy Pate 210 Hugoton 9/3/2010Enrollment & Transportation Data
Data Coordinator Judy Roberts 497 Lawrence9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Brenda Sandwell 331 Norwich 8/27/2010 
Data Coordinator Brian Simpson 437 Shuler 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Robert Stegner 288 Central Heights 9/16/2010 
Data Coordinator Lucille Strunk 267 Colwich 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Dana Vaughn 263 Mulvane 9/16/2010 
Data Coordinator Darla Wagner 331 Kingman9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Connie Whitcomb 284 Cottonwood Falls 9/16/2010Career & Technical Education Data
Data Coordinator Julie Lockwood 436 Caney Valley 8/27/2010Assessments & Accountability Data, Career & Technical Education Data
Data Coordinator Elizabeth Dingler402Augusta10/15/2010 
Data Coordinator Barbara McClelland503Parsons10/17/2010Enrollment & Transportation Data
Data Coordinator Kelly Eck 336 Holton 10/18/2010Assessments & Accountability Data, Career & Technical Education Data, Migrant Student Data
Data Coordinator Tracey Gould310 Fairfield 10/23/2010 
Data Coordinator Paula Duling Diocese of Wichita St. Peter 10/20/2010 
Data Coordinator Amy Harvey Rainbows United, Inc.Wichita10/22/2010 
Data Coordinator Melissa Horne290Ottawa2/18/2011 
Data Coordinator JamiEllenbecker364Marysville 2/21/2011 
Data Coordinator Maria Starkel205 Bluestem 3/29/2011 
Data Coordinator Rick Duling 248Girard3/29/2011 
Data Coordinator Carrie Whalen 206Remington4/13/2011 
Data Coordinator Linda SmithKSDETopeka4/15/2011 
Data Coordinator Ron Hardin 498Blue Rapids4/27/2011 
Data Coordinator Patricia Trooien263Mulvane5/5/2011 
Data Coordinator Michelle Domsch 438Pratt 5/28/2010 
Data Coordinator Kay Grunewald320 Wamego6/29/2010Career & Technical Education Data
Data Coordinator Gina Hayes 417 Council Grove5/28/2010 
Data Coordinator Claudia Kowalewski 453Leavenworth5/20/2010 
Data Coordinator Kathy Litke 417Council Grove 6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator Janice Maddox 338 Valley Falls6/11/2010 
Data Coordinator Teresa Penning 108 Washington5/21/2010 
Data Coordinator Chris Rogge 378Riley 6/11/2010 
Data Coordinator Bonnie Saranko 385Andover 5/28/2010 
Data Coordinator Terri Schauner 266 Maize6/11/2010 
Data Coordinator Pat Summervill 413 Chanute6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator Kathleen Webb 232DeSoto 6/11/2010Assessments & Accountability Data, Career & Technical Education Data
Data Coordinator Tammy Baird 454 Burlingame9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Mona Calvin462 Burden 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Karon Ferguson 332 Cunningham8/27/2010 
Data Coordinator Jan Frenzl 428Great Bend 8/27/2010Assessments & Accountability Data, Career & Technical Education Data
Data Coordinator Tammy Gamache 440Halstead/Bentley 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator Bonnie Heath 511Attica 8/31/2010 
Data Coordinator Mina Miller 417 Council Grove9/3/2010 
Data Coordinator Gayle Pretz 362 Prairie View9/3/2010 
Data Coordinator Len Smalling 309Nickerson 9/23/2010 
Data Coordinator Erin Stein 305 Salina8/27/2010 
Data Coordinator Pam Zoglman 267Garden Plain 9/16/2010 
Data Coordinator Shawn Reinert315 Colby 9/24/2010Assessments & Accountability Data
Data Coordinator FredVan Ranken400Lindsborg10/15/2010 
Data Coordinator DiannGiesen396Douglass10/19/2010 
Data Coordinator LoriHearne 459 Bucklin10/19/2010 
Data Coordinator Terra Weiland609Lawrence Gardner10/29/2010 
Data Coordinator Ron Long491Eudora 11/19/2010 
Data Coordinator Maria Seematter St. GregoryMarysville3/9/2011 
Data Coordinator Sandi Becker431Hoisington3/11/2011 
Data Coordinator Kay Glendenning504 Oswego3/12/2011 
Data Coordinator Sheri Stahlecker397Lost Springs4/4/2011 
Data Coordinator Denise Murray 337 Hoyt4/11/2011 
Data Coordinator Kelsey Krier 273Beloit 4/13/2011 
Data Coordinator Kathy Reynolds261Haysville4/19/2011 
Data Coordinator Pam Dillon 105Rawlins County 5/3/2011 
Data Coordinator Jessica NobleKSDETopeka5/10/2011 
Data Coordinator PatHillKSDETopeka4/28/2011 
Data Coordinator KimberlyKohler 435 Abilene6/11/2010Assessments & Accountability Data
Data Coordinator KimSipple 290 Ottawa6/29/2010 
Data Coordinator Debbie Howell 267Garden Plain9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator LeAnnPierce 263 Mulvane9/16/2010 
Data Coordinator Betty Schmidtberger 373Newton9/23/2010 
Data Coordinator Debbie Cromer 203Kansas City9/23/2010 
Data Coordinator Jody New310Fairfield 10/23/2010 
Data Coordinator Ryan Karjala 253Emporia11/17/2010 
Data Coordinator Kay Tibbs353Wellington11/17/2010 
Data Coordinator Loretta Rucker103 Cheylin3/24/2011 
Data Coordinator Karen Beightel 336Holton4/18/2011 
Data Coordinator CarrieHubbard Z0029Kansas City9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator GwenGordon448Inman 9/29/2010 
Data Coordinator BeckyBruna223Barnes 10/13/2010Migrant Student Data
Data Coordinator Crystal Ward267Andale10/14/2010 
Data Coordinator ElsaMurillo 480Liberal10/15/2010Assessments & Accountability Data
Data Coordinator AaronKipp501Topeka 10/18/2010 
Data Coordinator MarlaMorley357Belle Plaine10/20/2010 
Data Coordinator Orba Smith316Golden Plains10/22/2010 
Data Coordinator Tina Smith250Pittsburg11/19/2010 
Data Coordinator TraceyEagon249Frontenac6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator PennyLutz229Blue Valley5/20/2010 
Data Coordinator TerriRoss505Chetopa-St. Paul10/1/2010 
Data Coordinator JanetReynolds362Prairie View10/18/2010 
Data Coordinator VickiTempleton503Parsons10/20/2010Enrollment & Transportation Data, Assessments & Accountability Data
Data Coordinator BrianCarlson505Chetopa-St. Paul10/22/2010 
Data Coordinator Debbie Woodson 343Perry-Lecompton3/9/2011 
Data Coordinator MollyPegelow459Bucklin10/21/2010 
Data Coordinator, Administrator Jan Troxell 417Council Grove6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & AccountabilityCharlene Cooper 313 Buhler 6/18/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & AccountabilityDayna Heineken 340 Meriden 6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & AccountabilityNatalie Ochoa 409Atchinson 5/20/2010Career & Technical Education Data
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & AccountabilityCindy Zerfas 489 Hays 7/14/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & AccountabilityBirgitta Melick 207Ft. Leavenworth 8/26/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Sharon Gerken 265 Goddard 7/19/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Duane Meis 308 Hutchinson 6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Lori Rankin 266 Maize 6/11/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Christine Trapp 487 Herington 5/28/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Amanda Ross 322 Onaga 9/9/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Ashley Razak 204 Bonner Springs6/4/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Deb Page 266 Maize9/3/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Janet Tillman 382 Pratt9/23/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Susan Temaat 313Buhler 10/22/2010 
Data Coordinator, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability MichelleAbernathy308Hutchinson 10/6/2010 
Data EntryAngieLong373Newton8/3/2010
Data EntryJenniferBristol373Newton8/3/2010
Data EntryWendyGile373Newton8/3/2010
Data EntryRegina Barker 373Newton6/29/2010
Data EntryLaDene Black 491 Eudora 5/28/2010 
Data EntryMariann Blancho 250 Pittsburg 6/4/2010 
Data EntryVicki Burdett 360 Caldwell 6/4/2010
Data EntryBrenda Carpenter 453 Leavenworth6/11/2010
Data EntryJerri Clagg373Newton 6/4/2010
Data EntryJan Coop409Atchison5/28/2010
Data EntryJennifer Dryden 409Atchison 6/29/2010
Data EntryDena Finney 453 Leavenworth6/4/2010
Data EntryDeb Flavin 373 Walton6/4/2010
Data EntryPatricia Goff 453 Leavenworth6/4/2010
Data EntryEdna Hanzlicek 373 Newton 6/11/2010
Data EntryMisty Klima 378 Riley6/11/2010
Data EntryHolly Lueth 403 Otis-Bison 5/21/2010
Data EntryGerre Martin409 Atchison 6/4/2010Assessments & Accountability Data
Data EntryTamara Perkins 373 Newton 5/28/2010
Data EntryAndreaSaenz 373 Sunset 6/11/2010
Data EntryKelli Schulte 373Newton 5/21/2010
Data EntryTammy Shirley 373 Newton 6/18/2010
Data EntryJoAnn Shugart 409 Atchison 5/21/2010 
Data EntryMarlene Skinner 373 Newton 6/18/2010
Data EntryJanet Smith 409 Atchison 6/18/2010 
Data EntryDonna Tittel 378 Riley 6/29/2010 
Data EntryLesli Whitney 385 Andover 5/28/2010 
Data EntryDiana Wilson 250 Pittsburg 5/28/2010 
Data EntrySusan Lockwood 345 Seaman6/11/2010 
Data EntrySueWoodward331Kingman10/6/2010 
Data EntryMichelleWortham331Kingman10/6/2010 
Data EntrySheri McGatlin108Washington10/13/2010 
Data EntryLaurie McClelland322Onaga11/10/2010 
Data EntryTanyaWhite453Leavenworth11/30/2010 
Data EntryDuQuanWalton453Leavenworth12/7/2010 
Data EntrySamanthaLinderKSDETopeka2/4/2011 
Data EntryDiane Remsberg 205Bluestem 4/25/2011 
Data Entry Vicki Davis 368 Lakemary 9/9/2010 
Data Entry Susan Garren 262 Valley Center 8/27/2010 
Data Entry Nancy Holbert 333 Concordia 9/3/2010 
Data Entry Debbie Kessler 378 Riley 9/23/2010 
Data Entry Joyce Kultgen 403 Otis-Bison 9/9/2010 
Data Entry Janet Page 362 Prairie View 8/27/2010 
Data Entry Krissy Roth 368 Paola 9/23/2010 
Data Entry Amy Shanks 491 Eudora 9/7/2010 
Data Entry Deann Shields 315 Colby 9/22/2010 
Data Entry Marj Spence 491 Eudora 9/23/2010 
Data Entry Darla Steinert 385 Andover 9/16/2010Career & Technical Education Data
Data Entry Carrie Watson 362 Parker 9/9/2010 
Data Entry Jacqueline Wheeler 333 Concordia 9/3/2010 
Data Entry Melanie Stavropoulos 305 Salina 9/29/2010 
Data Entry Barbara Johnson 505 Chetopa 10/1/2010 
Data Entry Jane Nichols 373 Newton 9/25/2010 
Data Entry Cynthia Fink453Leavenworth10/18/2010 
Data Entry Rhonda Murphy 399 Natoma 10/21/2010 
Data Entry Mary Lang 434Overbrook10/21/2010 
Data Entry Kay Markey320 Wamego3/11/2011 
Data Entry Carolyn Griffitt 320Wamego3/17/2011 
Data Entry Tammi Jones232Shawnee3/19/2011 
Data Entry Darca Millard 450 Tecumseh3/24/2011 
Data Entry Amanda Russell 270Plainville 4/8/2011 
Data Entry Elaine Schulz 450Shawnee Heights4/15/2011 
Data Entry Mary Bickford 450Tecumseh4/16/2011 
Data Entry Lynette Pearce 320Wamego4/22/2011 
Data Entry Judy Baker 257 Iola9/9/2010Career & Technical Education Data
Data Entry Kathy Ferguson 368Paola 9/9/2010 
Data Entry SusanMoylan 362 Prarie View9/9/2010 
Data Entry April Neal230 Spring Hill 9/16/2010 
Data Entry Jolene Rose385 Andover 9/9/2010 
Data Entry Lena Wilson362 LaCygne 9/16/2010 
Data Entry Debbie Moses 505Chetopa 10/1/2010 
Data Entry Lynnette Doty 373Newton 9/25/2010 
Data Entry Sheila Boaz453Leavenworth10/19/2010 
Data Entry Cheryl Swartz 453Leavenworth10/19/2010 
Data Entry Michelle Baker453Leavenworth10/22/2010 
Data Entry Denise Hoeffner 305Salina 11/1/2010 
Data Entry Deborah Graham232De Soto1/30/2011 
Data Entry Danae Price450 Shawnee Heights 3/24/2011 
Data Entry Vicki Becker 270Plainville4/6/2011 
Data Entry Marilyn Fuqua 436Caney Valley 4/26/2011 
Data Entry Holly Kinder436Caney Valley 4/26/2011 
Data Entry Patricia Thurman 360Caldwell9/9/2010 
Data Entry Kay Willson 463Udall10/8/2010 
Data Entry DeanneBergman 453Leavenworth11/6/2010 
Data Entry Bobbi Basart 270Plainville4/6/2011 
Data Entry Sherri Poorman232De Soto4/16/2011 
Data Entry Lori Koch232Shawnee4/28/2011 
Data Entry Tanya Howbert450Berryton4/29/2011 
Data Entry TheresaAbel491 Eudora9/30/2010 
Data Entry MaryFlanagin 315Colby10/20/2010 
Data Entry Wilma Burger299Sylvan Grove10/22/2010 
Data Entry Margo Frey108 Washington 10/29/2010 
Data Entry Kim Stewart 320Wamego4/21/2011 
Data Entry Amy Hileman232Shawnee4/27/2011 
Data Entry Jay Carter III501Topeka4/28/2011 
Data Entry JeriJordan385Andover10/19/2010 
Data Entry, Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability John Dougherty 378Riley9/3/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & AccountabilityEdward Weiner 412Hoxie 11/9/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & AccountabilityJulieJensen490El Dorado11/29/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & AccountabilityElizabethSchmidt266Maize11/23/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & AccountabilityTracy McCoy437Topeka11/17/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & AccountabilityDarla Smith460Hesston11/18/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability BeccaFlowers438Skyline10/15/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Beth Fultz KSDE Topeka 9/30/2010Career & Technical Education Data
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Janet Neufeld 373Newton10/6/2010
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Kathleen Mackie290Ottawa1/22/2011 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Kelly SpurgeonKSDETopeka4/12/2011 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Lisa Loganbill 460Hesston11/18/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Paulette Brunskill 505 St. Paul9/16/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Linda Blankinship 461Neodesha 9/30/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Elizabeth Parks 229 Blue Valley10/5/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Sharon Porter 452Stanton County10/6/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Michael Burrows 210 Hugoton10/28/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Heather Bristor261 Haysville 11/1/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability BillMaddy355Ellinwood11/5/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability BillLosey 646Sublette11/9/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Stan Ewy403Otis-Bison 11/17/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Judy Welter 368 Paola11/18/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability David Bowman KSDETopeka3/23/2011 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability JulieParker 273Beloit 9/16/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability SueAmos 231Gardner 9/29/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Connie Converse 330Mission Valley11/1/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Shari Taylor378 Riley11/1/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability DanGruman 512Shawnee Mission 11/4/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Vicki Chance 105Rawlins County11/10/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Tamara Konrade262Valley Center11/14/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Brenda Mowery453Leavenworth11/15/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Lisa Brookover 505Chetopa11/16/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Jill Stout480 Liberal11/18/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Amanda Nations 501Topeka11/18/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Danielle Hollas 264Clearwater11/22/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Teresa KraftS0610KS School for the Deaf9/23/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability RosieScanlon-Spain453Leavenworth10/5/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Mark Lange512Shawnee Mission10/28/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Roberta Carter505Chetopa-St. Paul11/16/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Julie Fisher266Maize11/16/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Kathy Preheim398Peabody-Burns11/17/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Dan Wright500Kansas City11/18/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Charles Schrickel501Topeka11/18/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Jill Lachenmayr373Newton11/19/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability Debbie Clawson 247Cherokee4/21/2011 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability MichelleHanes218Elkhart9/16/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability CharHunt229Blue Valley9/30/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability MaryPridey327Silver Lake10/1/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability MarlaJohnson491Eudora10/15/2010 
Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability DebraBisnette108Washington County11/10/2010 
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