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Peer Education Teams


 Peer Education Team Program 

2021-2022 Peer Education Team Workshops
Financial Fitness
Melany Huser, Levi Huser, Kassi Weber, and Abby Grasser
Victoria and Hoisington
“The Price is Right with FCCLA”
Come on down! You are the next contestant on the FCCLA - The Price Is Right, where you will learn to earn, spend, save, and protect your money and a chance to win a new CAR--Creditable Actions with Responsibility!
Families First
Abigail Schlatter, Cauy Haresnape, Alyssa Shelton, and Lindsey Dean
Smith Center, Blue Valley Randolph, and Southeast of Saline
“Finding the Key to Functional Families”
All families are different, but we have one thing in common: we all have room to grow. In the Families First workshop you will face various challenges and learn how to solve them as a family. Unlock the skills of being a strong family member and find the keys to family success.
Student Body
Ally Rawlings, Jacob Meseke, Kara Hafenstine and Sydney Holthaus
Tonganoxie and Wabaunsee
“Stretching Your Limits for A Better You”
Flexible or not, you can stretch your limits and ease your mind with this relaxing yogo workshop. By focusing on your mental and physical health, we’ll help you find your inner superpower to become the best version of you!
Community Service
Emma Burton, Hayven Ecton, Toryn Spohn and Piper Essington
Fredonia and Neodesha
“Be your Community’s Superhero”
Your community’s in trouble! And it’s up to you to save it! Join us in learning community service strategies that will help you become your local superhero!

2021-2022 Peer Education Workshops and Request Form

2021-2022 FLC Assignments

Student Body

Ally Rawlings - Tonganoxie

Jacob Meseke - Wabaunsee

Kara Hafenstine - Wabaunsee

Sydney Holthaus - Wabaunsee


Community Service

 Emma Burton - Fredonia

Hayven Ecton - Fredonia

Toryn Spohn - Fredonia

Piper Essington - Neodesha


 Families First Team

Abigail Schlatter - Smith Center

Cauy Haresnape - Smith Center

Alyssa Shelton - BV Randolph

Lindsey Dean - SE of Saline



 Financial Fitness Team

Levi Huser - Victoria

Kassie Weber - Victoria

Melany Huser - Victoria

Abby Grasser - Hoisington


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