Safe Schools

School Violence:  “Are You Ready?”
Random thoughts and observations from the most preeminent national authority on school violence/shootings:

1. "Extensive loss protocols are always preceded by extensive loss.”
According to Dr. Dudley we must be more proactive as educators.
One watchdog organization, The Bully Police U.S.A., ranks states on the basis of effective anti-bullying laws.

2. “Security is inconvenient.”
Just ask those that travel via the airlines frequently. However, lessons learned from school violence events over the last 10 years tell us that a pound of prevention is worth an ounce of cure. 

3. "After intensive interviews with perpetrators that survived and were imprisoned a common them of inequity emerged.”
Time after time the offenders repeated the theme that their reality was that school rules existed for some but not for all, this lead to disenfranchisement and disaffection.

4. "The most dangerous intruders in a building are non-custodial parents."
Each year there are 200,000 attempts of this form of abduction.

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