DQC Program Advisory Board

The DQC Advisory Board consists of a group of volunteers representing large, small, rural, urban, public, and private schools in Kansas. Advisory Board members are asked to serve as consultants and offer guidance in the maintenance of the tracks offered in the DQC Program. Profiles of each of the DQC Advisory Board members are provided below.

Tracy Gallaway (KSDE)

Tracy Gallaway is a Senior Trainer at the Kansas State Department of Education. She is completing her Bachelors in Communication degree from Washburn University. Tracy has worked for the State of Kansas for four years and before this she worked for a State contracted business for over seven years. Tracy's responsibilities at KSDE include training and support for KIDS projects and the Data Quality Certification Program (DQC). She can be reached at tgallaway@ksde.org.

Brett Dietz (KSDE)

Brett Dietz is a Trainer at the Kansas State Department of Education. He earned a Business Administration degree from Baker University in the fall of 2015. Brett has worked with the State of Kansas for over three years with multiple departments. Brett has over seven years of Customer Service experience along with three years’ experience as a Trainer. Brett’s responsibilities include training and supporting the KIDS program. Brett can be reached at Bdietz@ksde.org       

Michelle Forney (USD 305)

Michelle is the Systems Analyst for USD 305 (Salina). She graduated with an Associate's Degree in Computer Science from Kansas State University at Salina. She is one of the two KIDS Coordinators responsible for submitting KIDS data for the district's twelve schools. In addition to her KIDS duties, Michelle is also responsible for supporting and training district staff, troubleshooting software issues, and SIS maintenance.

Jan Frenzl (USD 428)

Jan is the Applications Specialist and KIDS Data Coordinator for USD 428 (Great Bend, KS).  She provides KIDS support for each of the seven schools in her district. Jan is also responsible for supporting and training district staff, troubleshooting software issues, and SIS maintenance. Jan is a member of the Kansas Skyward Steering Committee.

Kathleen Webb (USD 231)

Kathleen is the IT Application Support Specialist and KIDS Data Coordinator for USD 231 Gardner-Edgerton. Coordinating with district key players, she is responsible for submitting KIDS records for Gardner-Edgerton’s 11schools. As the Skyward Administrator, she provides district support and training for Skyward users.

Dayna Lloyd (USD 340)

Dayna is the Student Data Coordinator for Jefferson West.  She is responsible for the collection and submission of student data for the district's three schools.  She provides support to staff for the district's SIS, email and other programs.  Dayna also manages the deployment and support of the district's iPads.

Michael Maurer (USD 261)

Michael is the Principal of Haysville Middle School and holds a Doctor of Education degree from Wichita State University. Michael has been in this position for the past 10 years, also serving as an Assistant Principal the seven years prior. Michael has been certified in the Administrator track since the 2009-10 school year, and in the Assessments & Accountability track since the 2011-12 school year. An intentional focus for Michael at the building level has been to improve the accuracy of data submitted to the central office, especially during the assessment window.

Tammy Shirley (USD 373)

Tammy is the Registrar at Newton High School and has been employed by the Newton School District since 1998.  Among many responsibilities, maintaining accurate student records is a high priority.  Tammy has been certified in the data entry track since the 2008-2009 school year and in Enrollment & Transportation Data since 2012.




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