The Kansas Volunteer Commission wants to hear from you, the AmeriCorps member, about your service. We also want to engage your skills and creativity. The KVC is excited to host a member driven information contest for 2014. The theme of the contest is “Powered by AmeriCorps: Show your Service.” The KVC is excited to see how your service year impacts the recipients of service, the people who serve, and the larger community. The KVC wants to encourage members to “think outside the box” and submit an original creation that represents the power of your service experience.  AmeriCorps gear prizes will be given to category winners.  This contest is open to AmeriCorps members in Kansas State programs that report directly to The Kansas Volunteer Commission.

• Your submission can be a video, recorded skit, photo slideshow, power point, essay, poem, collage, speech, interpretive dance, etc.
• Any video submissions need to be at least 30 seconds long and should not exceed 3 minutes.
Submissions and Deadlines:
• Submissions will be accepted until May 30th at 4:00 PM
• Submissions need to be sent in electronic form and should be submitted to
Evaluation Criteria:
Submissions will be evaluated by the following criteria:
• Most creative concept
• Clearest message of “Powered by AmeriCorps: Show your Service”
• Most Memorable content and delivery
• Best Alignment with Mission and Goals of your AmeriCorps Program
Rules for Contest:
• Members may either work in teams or submit individual projects.
• You must follow the photo and video release policies of your host organization if you plan to include other participants that are not AmeriCorps members. All releases need to be on file with the program and available upon request.
• It is necessary to have the AmeriCorps logo present and wearing your AmeriCorps gear when appropriate. The AmeriCorps logo must be incorporated into your submission.
• Respect for Existing Copyright – You must be the original author of everything in your submission or have permission to use copyright protected material.
The Kansas Volunteer Commission is looking forward to your submissions and cannot wait to show off your creativity to your community and the National Service community!

Good Luck!!

For additional information about the 2014 AmeriCorps Member Contest, please see these FAQs (updated 4/30/14)

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