Training & Technical Assistance

Kansas Mentors offers training and technical assistance to mentoring programs on a variety of topics. Are you looking to start a mentoring program? Are you new to the mentoring field? Do you need assistance in implementing the Elements of Effective Practice or becoming a Gold Star Program?

If you have an idea for a needed training or are looking for one-on-one assistance, please fill out the Technical Assistance Form and send to Kansas Mentors: or fax: 785-296-7933.

In-Person Training Opportunities

The Essentials: A Curriculum for People who Mentor Young Black Men, November 18-19. 2015 

This training is open to anyone who mentors young black men, regardless of race or gender. Join us if you want to go deeper, learn, be challenged, and contribute to this conversation. *Must attend Both Sessions.

Online Training Opportunities

Child Trauma Academy
FREE online courses, including: 1) The Amazing Human Brain and Human Development; 2) Surviving Childhood: An Introduction to the Impact of Trauma; 3) The Cost of Caring: Secondary Traumatic Stress and the Impact of Working with High-Risk Children and Families; 4) Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children.

Mentoring Central
A new web-based mentor's training by Dr. Jean Rhodes and Dr. Janis Kupersmidt.  Cost: $25 per mentor.  Learn more by visiting the website link above.

Collaborative Mentoring Webinar Series (CMWS)

Leaders from capacity-building and technical assistance mentoring partnerships are collaborating to deliver a monthly webinar series to mentoring professionals.   MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership is proud to facilitate the Collaborative Mentoring Webinar Series (CMWS) in partnership with the CMWS planning team comprised of Education Northwest/National Mentoring Center, Friends for Youth, Kansas Mentors, Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota, Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and Oregon Mentors.  Through individual efforts and collective wisdom, we are able to feature a webinar each month that is focused on sharing ideas for mentoring practice, mentoring research "round-ups" and highlights of innovation in the mentoring field.

The network of twenty-eight Mentoring Partnerships work to strengthen the mentoring field by offering trainings to practitioners, promoting quality standards for mentoring programs, and increasing local mentoring resources.  This webinar series offers a free, accessible platform for Mentoring Partnerships and other technical assistance providers to share their expertise with the field.

Webinars are held monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 12:00-1:15PM.  Webinars are FREE and online.  Links to register for the upcoming webinar, with full descriptions and panelist information, are posted in the month leading up to the webinar.  Please check back periodically as plans for each month are finalized!!

Upcoming Webinars 2015

Thursday, June 18, 2015
"They always come, and they never say goodbye": Healthy Closure in Mentoring

The way that a relationship ends can have a big impact on a young person.  When done with care and intention, closure can be healthy and positive.  Join this webinar to hear from leading mentoring researcher Renee Spencer, Boston University, on how to close mentoring relationships the healthy way.  We'll review research on closure, types of relationship endings, when and how to facilitate closure, as well as approaches to closure across programs and settings.  All registered attendees will receive a resource packet full of tools and strategies to manage healthy closure in youth mentoring programs.

Archived Webinars 2015
Although the webinars are closed, you can still click below to view materials presented during the webinars.

May 2015: Including and Welcoming LGBTQ Youth in Mentoring Programs
Panelists: Dr. Christian Rummell- American Institutes for Research, Leslie Chudnovsky- Supporting Our Youth Mentoring Program (SOY)

Watch the recording online.

April 2015: Peer Mentoring: A Discussion with Experienced Practitioners
Panelists: Margo Ross, Psy.D.- Center for Supportive Schools, Tammy Potts- Basehor Mentors & CareCats

Watch the recording online.

March 2015: A New Lens for Mentoring: Trauma Informed Care
Panelist: Laurie Vargas, M.S., PPSC- Mentoring for Success

Watch the recording online.

February 2015: Using Research to Inform Your Mentoring Program
Panelists: David DuBois, Ph.D- University of Illinois at Chicago, Jennifer Tyson- Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

Watch the recording online.

January 2015: Leveraging Mentoring to Support Black Male Achievement
Panelists: Shawn Dove- The Campaign for Black Male Achievement, Steve Vassor- MENTOR, Natalie Meade- Maryland Mentoring Resource Center, James M. Riddick, Jr.- Operation Reach Back, Sarah Kremer- Acknowledge Alliance

Watch the recording online.

Archived Webinars 2014
Although the webinars are closed, you can still click below to view materials presented during the webinars.

December 2014: Formal and Informal Mentoring: Strengthening Networks of Support for Young People
Panelists: Molly Brenner- MENTOR, Kent Pekel- Search Institute, Beth Fraster- Mass Mentoring Partnership, Eric Jay Rosser- Maryland Mentoring Resource Center, Mischa Toland- Greatness Now
Watch the recording online.

November 2014: National Mentoring Month: Communicating as a Movement
Panelists: Phyllis Jordan- Attendance Works, Diane Quest- MENTOR, Abbie Evans- MENTOR, Benji Thurber- Mobius, Vermont's Mentoring Partnership, Susie Merrick- SB Mentoring Program
Watch the recording online.

October 2014: Restorative Relationships: Elements of Effective Mentoring for Adjudicated Youth
Panelists: Roger Jarjoura, Ph.D- Principal Researcher, American Institute for Research, Jim St. Germain- Youth Mentor, Founder of PLOT Preparing Leaders of Tomorrow, James Anderson- Program Administrator, Anti-Recidivism Coalition
Watch the recording online.

September 2014: Harnessing the Power of Mentoring in Schools: models and Modalities
Panelists: Tim Cavell, Ph.D- University of Arkansas, Amanda Bayer, Ph.D.- Swarthmore College, Tarika Barrett, Ph.D- iMentor, Graig Meyer- Blue Ribbon Mentor Advocate, Damon Bethea- Be a Middle School Mentor
Watch the recording online.

August 2014: Tackling the Stigma: Mentoring Youth With Mental Health Needs
Panelists: Jennifer Kriebl- YMCA of San Francisco, Mike Garringer- MENTOR: The National Mentoring Partnership
Watch the recording online.

July 2014: Mentoring Youth Transitioning Out of Foster Care
Panelists: Laurie Powers, Ph.D.- Portland State University, Summer Pommier, MSW- My Life Program, Alice Worrell, Project Manager- Ohio Department of Job & Family Services, Ed Cohn, President & CEO- Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Ohio
Watch the recording online.

June 2014: Positive Youth Development and Mentoring: Putting Assets Into Practice
Panelists: Jim Conway- Search Institute, Linda Otto- Connected Kids Mentoring, Rebekah Holbrook- Virginia Mentoring Partnership
Watch the recording online.

May 2014: Parents as Partners: Research and Strategies for Engaging Parents in Youth Mentoring Programs
Panelists: Andrea Taylor, Ph.D.- Temple University, Renee Spencer, Ph.D.- Boston University, Antoinette Basualdo-Delmonico, Ph.D- Boston University
Watch the recording online.

April 2014: Going the Distance: New Insights on Mentor Retention
Panelists: Molly Frendo- University of Minnesota Extension, Amy Pomeranz Essley- Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana, Steve Gibson- Project Leadership
Watch the recording online.

March 2014: Mentor Screening and Youth Protection
Panelist: Sarah Kremer- Friends for Youth Mentoring Institute
Watch the recording online.

February 2014: Introduction to the National Mentoring Resource Center
Panelists: Jim Antal- OJJDP, Cheri Faunce- Kansas Mentors, Tim Cavall, Ph.D.- University of Arkansas, Kevin Pinkston, Ph.D.-University of Illinois at Chicago, Thaddeus Ruzskowski- FirstPic. Inc., Allison D'Aurora- FirstPic. Inc.
Watch the recording online. 

January 2014- Briefing: New National Report on Young People’s Perspectives on Mentoring
Panelists: David Shapiro- MENTOR, Tammy Tai- MENTOR, Diane Quest- MENTOR, Venessa Marks- BBBSA, Tommy McClam- YouthBuild USA, Tarika Barrett- MENTOR
Watch the recording online.

Archived Webinars 2013
Although the webinars are closed, you can still click below to view materials presented during the webinars.

December 2013- Did it Work? Evaluating Youth Outcomes in Relationship-Based Programs
Panelists: Tom Drummond-College Dreams, Meghan Ferns- Oregon Mentors, Michael Garringer-Education Northwest, Celeste Janssen-Oregon Mentors
Watch the recording online.

November 2013- Leveraging National Mentoring Month
Panelists: Tammy Tai-MENTOR, Mai-Anh Kapanke-Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota, Diane Quest-MENTOR, Abbie Evans-MENTOR, Kristan Allen-Mentoring Partnership of Southwestern Pennsylvania
Download MPM's PR Toolkit
Watch the recording online.

October 2013- Group Mentoring: Bridging Research and Effective Practice
Panelists: Gabriel Kuperminc, Georgia Southern University & Jerry Sherk, Mentor Management Systems
Watch the recording online.

August 2013- Race, Ethnicity, and Culture in Mentoring Relationships
Panelist: Dr. Bernadette Sanchez, Associate Professor of Psychology at DePaul University
Watch the recording online.

July 2013- Men in Mentoring
Panelist: Amber Troupe, Director of Mentor Michigan
Watch the recording online.

June 2013- Ensuring Program Sustainability
Panelist: Dr. Susan Weinberger
Watch the recording online.

May 2013- Mentoring At-Risk Youth Study
Panelists: Dr. Carla Herrera & Dr. David DuBois- Esteemed Researchers, Janet Heubach- Washington State Mentors
Watch the recording online.

April 2013- I Choose You: A Look at Youth-Initiated Mentoring
Panelists: Dr. Sarah Schwartz and Dr. Jean Rhodes- Esteemed Researchers
Watch the recording online.

March 2013- Youth Mentoring in Contemporary Perspective: The Handbook of Youth Mentoring
Watch the recording online from the insightful and interactive conversation with Drs. David DuBois and Michael Karcher, Editors of the Second Edition of the Handbook of Youth Mentoring.

February 2013- Advocate and Raise Our Collective Voices in Support of Mentoring
Watch the recording online by Janet Forbush, expert in the metnoring program development and evaluation, as she talks with us about the urgency to embrance public policy advocacy, especially now when we're facing a daunting fiscal crisis.  Elena Sokolow-Kaufman also joins in from Mass Mentoring Partnership, where she is Manager of Government & Field Resources.

January 2013- Looking Back, Looking Forward
Watch the recording online.  Panelists include Michael Garringer from Education Northwest and Sarah Kremer from Friends for Youth's Mentoring Institute, as well as Polly Roach from the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota and Meghan Ferns from Oregon Mentors.  You also hear from Tammy Tai from MENTOR.

Archived Webinars 2012

Kansas Mentors participated in the 2012 Collaborative Mentoring Webinar Series.  It was a series of free webinars on innovations and best practices in youth mentoring offered on the third Thursday of every month from a collective group of leading mentoring organizations and partnerships throughout the country.  

Although the webinars are closed, you can still visit MENTOR's website to view materials or watch the webinar.

August 2012- Back to School: Training Mentors for Effective Relationships Within Schools
This webinar will focus on how to prepare volunteers to create and sustain effective relationships within school walls. Panelists include: Dr. Michael Karcher, University of Texas at San Antonio; Amy Cannata, National Mentoring Center at Education Northwest; and Rae Smith, YouthFriends of Kansas.

July 2012- Pushing the Boundaries of Mentoring: Summer Institute on Youth Mentoring 2012 Preview
Along with SIYM research fellows and participants, explore how programs are "on the edge", how they differ from tradional models and consider how traditional and non-traditional programs can learn from each other. Panelists include: Tom Keller, Portland State University; Mark Edy, University of Washington; George Nobilt, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill; Sarah Schwartz, University of Massachusetts-Boston.

June 2012- Better Mentoring for the LGBTQ Youth in Your Programs: Stepping Up to the Challenge
This webinar focuses on how mentoring programs can better serve youth who are questioning their sexual orientation or identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or queer.  Panelists include: Christina Rummell, Mentorist Consulting; Linda Peterson, Mass Mentoring Partnership.

May 2012-STEM Mentoring for Youth With Disabilities: Research, Practice and Resources
This webinar reviewed research and literature on STEM mentoring for out with disabilities as well as other types of mentoring for these youth.  Panelists include: Laruie Poweres and Jo-Ann Sowers, Portland State University; Scott Bellman, DO-IT program, University of Washington

April 2012- Engaging Youth in Mentoring Programs and Relationships
This webinar profiles several programs that have made youth engagement a priority and looks at research base in the is critical area.  Panelists include: Amanda Larson, National Youth Leadership Council; Libby Rau, Youthprise; Tommy McClam and David Duran, YouthBuild.

March 2012- Innovative Matching Strategies
This webinar reviews best practices for matching mentors and mentees, then features innovative matching strategies from programs all over the country. Panelists include: Ellen Mahaoney, iMentor; Joe Bergen, Friends of the Children; Dr. Time Cavell, research fellow at the 2011 Summer Institute on Youth Mentoring.

February 2012- Meaningful Mentoring for High Risk Youth: Tips for Mentors and Program Coordinators
Dr. Roger Jarjoura, discusses his program AIM's approach to "transformative" mentoring for re-entry youth and shared tips for coordinators and mentors on how to connect with high-risk adolescents and teens.  Panelists include: Dr. Roger Jarjoura, Indiana University-Purdue University.

January 2012- What the New Meta-Analysis Means for Your Mentoring Program
This webinar provides insights into the most recent research on the effectiveness of youth mentoring and best practices for program implementation. Panelists include: David DuBois, Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago; Tom Keller, Ph.D., Portland State University.

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