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Philly high school to offer associate degrees  --  VISIT
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Fri 07/14/2017 @ 12:14

A community college and the Philadelphia school district are partnering to open a high school where students can earn associate degrees. The school will open in the fall and enroll only ninth-graders at first, then add a grade level each year.

Math course helps Kan. students skip remediation  --  VISIT
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Fri 07/14/2017 @ 12:12

Dozens of high schools in Kansas are offering a math class aimed at helping students bypass remedial college classes. High-school and college math teachers collaborate to teach the Transition to College Algebra class, piloted last year in 35 schools.

Why understanding math concepts is critical  --  VISIT
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Fri 07/14/2017 @ 12:11

Math teachers can become more effective if preparation programs help them understand math conceptually and employ stories, visual aids and math language in the classroom, according to a study. Researchers note that math teachers need content knowledge as well as training in instructional practices.

Teachers’ Advice to Parents about Common Core Math Homework  --  VISIT
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Tue 09/06/2016 @ 10:42

Math homework can be confusing for many parents who grew up under old models of instruction, which in turn has spawned some wild accusations. But, in fact, methods introduced to students weren’t created by the Common Core, and they are intended to help kids to truly understand math concepts. At a recent forum hosted by the Fordham Institute, several teachers explain the changes help build foundational skills students need to succeed at high levels of math.

Education Next Poll: Strong Support for High Standards, Not Labels  --  VISIT
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Tue 09/06/2016 @ 10:42

Education Next’s annual public opinion survey suggests to stop fighting about the words “Common Core” and to move forward with implementation. Two-thirds of respondents favor rigorous, comparable education standards when no label is attached, up two percentage points from last year. That fits with the purpose and practice of the Common Core, Jim Cowen adds, “which was always meant to set a floor, not a ceiling.” States that have stuck with high standards and high-quality assessments are beginning to see academic improvement. Conversely, states that have “gone it alone” on assessments or taken the ill-advised “repeal and replace” path have experienced disruption, uncertainty and may end up with weaker tests and academic benchmarks. Cowen concludes, “Now is the time for policymakers to double down on their commitment to high, comparable education standards, high-quality assessments and the success they are delivering.”

New Reviews  --  VISIT
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Tue 09/06/2016 @ 10:41, an independent nonprofit that provides free web-based reviews of instructional materials, released its first ELA instructional material reviews for grades 3-8. Educators from across the country worked diligently to analyze these materials and provide high-quality evidence that can support instructional decisions in classrooms nationwide.

Room to Run  --  VISIT
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Wed 08/24/2016 @ 09:49

TNTP released a new interactive site called "Room to Run," detailing the results of effective teaching to high-quality academic standards. The project focuses on classrooms in four states where teachers are pushing students to think more deeply and critically to provide meaningful analysis and fuller answers.

The Secret to Engaging Students  --  VISIT
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Thu 08/18/2016 @ 09:23

About half of students who drop out of school say it’s because they don’t feel engaged. So how can teachers help student connect what they learn in the classroom with their lives? Tara Dale, a high school teacher in Arizona, explains that the answer lies in teaching critical thinking. “Students in my classroom aren’t bored but instead are engaged. I require them to think, not to memorize random facts.” Common Core State Standards encourage students to “think about texts, analyze data, and support claims.”

Reinvent Math Class  --  VISIT
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Thu 08/18/2016 @ 09:22

New York City Math Lab gives educators the opportunity to learn from each other and share ways to engage students through the Common Core. “If you have an underlying understanding of operations and the number system, you can build on that to answer other sorts of questions,” explains one Brooklyn teacher. The sessions build on “how to elicit students’ thinking or how to get them to respond to each other,” adds a colleague. Math Lab represents one of the many ways educators are sharing ideas to unlock student potential and to engage students and parents. A Collaborative “math check” notes that the Common Core’s approach to math instruction helps students build strong foundational skills necessary to succeed at high levels of learning.

US House panel approves cuts to Education Dept.  --  VISIT
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Mon 07/18/2016 @ 01:31

The House of Representatives appropriations committee approved a 2017 fiscal year spending bill that would cut the Education Department's budget by $1.3 billion. The legislation would also prevent a school's compliance on the transgender bathroom issue from affecting its access to federal funds.

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