2018 Kansas Mathematics Flip Books
The development of the “flip books” is in response to the adoption of the Kansas Mathematics Standards in 2017. Teachers need a reliable starting place that contains information and examples related to the Kansas standards. This project attempts to pull together, in one document some of the most valuable resources that help develop the intent, understanding and implementation of the Kansas Mathematics Standards. These documents provide a starting point for teachers and administrators to begin discussions and exploration into the standards and is by no means meant to be the only resource to support implementation of the 2017 Kansas Mathematics Standards.
The “flip books” are based on a model that Kansas had for earlier standards; however, this edition is targeted specifically to the Kansas Mathematics Standards that were adopted in the summer of 2017. These flip books incorporate the resources from other state departments of education, the mathematics learning progressions, and other reliable sources including The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Supervisors of Mathematics. In addition, mathematics educators across the country have suggested changes/additions that could or should be made to further enhance its effectiveness. The document will continue to undergo changes periodically. When significant changes/additions are implemented the necessary modifications will be posted and dated.


4th GradeUpdated 6-5-18 Typo on page 61
5th GradeReleased 6-5-18
2nd GradeUpdated 5-16-18 Updated hyperlink on pg. 19
3rd GradeUpdated 5-3-18 Information about NCTM added
KindergartenUpdated 5-3-18 Information about NCTM added
7th GradeUpdated 5-3-18 Information about NCTM added
1st GradeUpdated 5-3-18 Information about NCTM added
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8th Grade - COMING SOON! 
6th Grade - COMING SOON! 
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