Break KITE Day

Break KITE Day

October 28, 2014


To test out the bandwidth of local buildings and the bandwidth and load balancers of CETE servers by simulating operational testing conditions during one school day.


CETE needs to have all students enrolled in the KITE system for them to participate in Break KITE day.  In the past this has meant that the district uploaded “blank” TEST records indicating there is no assessment in this area. Due to changes in the KIDS file specifications for TEST submission, the default value of zero “0" in the assessment field indicates no assessment in that content area. “Blank” is no longer an allowable value in any assessment fields, so a zero “0” must be entered in all the assessment fields on the TEST record. TEST records need to be uploaded into the KIDS system by October 23rd.  CETE will then auto enroll the students into one math and one English language arts assessment.


The tests used for Break KITE day will look very similar to the practice tests currently available. However, practice tests do not store student responses; this test will. This test will also be tagged for text to speech. It will include a lot of technology-enhanced items and graphics, as the point is for every student to work on a test that would take up the most bandwidth possible. There will be one test for grades 3–5, another for grades 6–8, and another for high school. There is no instructional use of the test; it is for technology testing only.

Personal Needs Profile (PNP)

Just before Break KITE day, CETE will store all of the PNPs. Then they will modify each one to allow every student to have text and graphics read aloud. This will ensure that every student can use text-to-speech, again with the intention of trying to place maximum stress on the bandwidth. After Break KITE day, the PNPs will be reverted to the saved version. IMPORTANT: Do not make any changes to any student’s PNP during the week of October 27th as they will not be saved.

On October 28th

Students will be pre-assigned to the two tests associated with their grade level. All they will need to access the test is their user name and password. No ticket numbers are necessary. Schools should rotate students through computer labs all day Tuesday (if possible), asking them to take both tests, simulating, to the degree possible, a real testing day.

Help Desk

If there are problems with logins, items loading properly, or students being kicked out, please contact the KITE Help Desk (; Phone: 785.864.3537 or Toll Free: 855.277.9752). The Help Desk will be able to diagnose a systems problem with KITE or a local problem related to bandwidth or firewalls.


CETE will prepare a report on Break KITE day, outlining any issues discovered and steps taken to resolve them. The results of the day will be analyzed thoroughly to ensure that KITE and every building is prepared for a successful operational testing window in March 2015.

2015 Mathematics Assessment Documents and Resources
2015 Accommodations Manual  
2015 Kansas State Assessment Examiner’s Manual 2014-2015 Examiner's Manual - COMING SOON!
2015 Math Allowable Manipulatives UPDATED 10/12/14. Sample list of allowable manipulatives on the math state assessment.
2015 Math Fact SheetCOMING SOON!
2015 Math Manipulative Rubric for State AssessmentUPDATED 9-17-14 Guide to help determine the appropriateness of a manipulative on the Math State Assessment.
2015 Testing Overview Document 
A Model for Constructing Classroom AssessmentsNCTM article around assessment construction.
Practice Tests in KITENew practice tests are available at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. These tests feature all available types of technology-enhanced items.
Technology Enhanced Items DescriptionDocument introduces educators, parents, students, and other interested stakeholders to the types of technology-enhanced items that students are likely to see on the assessments this spring.
The Kansas Assessment Program (KAP) Documents for Assessment by CETEIf you are looking for information on KITE, CETE has placed some very informative documents on their website such as: Login information, admin a test, student records, ipad instructions,student guide,& personal Needs Profile(PNP)Tutorial(Video).
2014-2015 Assessment Details
Below you will find a bulleted list of details broken down by grade band for the 2014-2015 Kansas State Mathematics Assessment. Click on the grade band to see details.

Calculator Policy For 2014-2015

  • 3-5 grades no calculator allowed
  • 6-7 grades will have a basic four function calculator and a scientific calculator (TI-30X IIS) available to them through KITE
  • 8th grade will have a basic four function calculator and a graphing calculator (TI 84) available to them through KITE
  • 10th grade will have a basic four function calculator and a graphing calculator (TI 84) available to them through KITE
  • New graphing calculators will not be available for students to practice with until Spring 2015  
Assessments Q&A
Hello math educators! I have been receiving countless emails with questions around the KITE system and thought I would throw together a sort of Q&A email to hopefully help clarify a few items. First let me start by informing you that CETE serves many states across the country with KITE and therefore many of the resources they have available are general in nature. They are in the process of creating a section on their website which we help clarify procedures for Kansas. In the meantime I will try and help sort through the process. I might also add CETE is currently working on the 2014 Examiners Manual which will be the best resource for Kansas schools to reference. Once this document is available to the field I will notify everyone via the listserv as well as the math website. Click on the question for the answer.
CETE Formatives

CETE Formative Assessment Tools for Math
Educators and students can access an item bank populated with sample items that align with individual standards within the Kansas College and Career Ready Standards (KCCRS). Each grade level has items grouped by topical area. Educators can use these grouped items to gauge their students’ understanding of a particular concept. The KITE™ Educator Portal allows educators to access sample items, create test sessions, and enroll students in a test session. Students can then use the KITE Client to practice taking assessments.

Are there tools available for all of the content to be assessed on the transitional assessment?
No. These tools do not encompass the entirety of the content to be assessed on the transitional summative assessment.

How were these tools generated?
These tests were assembled from previously field-tested items, written to address content on the standard level, which is a narrower focus than that of the cluster-based transitional assessment.

What types of items are on the formative tools?
The tests include standard four-option multiple choice items with one correct response. Multiple-select multiple-choice, technology-enhanced types, and text entry are not included.

How can students prepare for item types other than standard multiple-choice?
Practice tests will soon be released so that students will have the opportunity to practice how to answer these item types before test day.  These practice tests are only a sampling of item types and are not concept-focused like the formative tools.  Additionally, content of the practice items is not aligned to the KCCRS.

Where can I find more information about formative assessment tools?

For further information about Formative Assessment Tools, please visit:

Contact Information


Melissa Fast  
Math and Assessment Program Consultant   
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