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Mathematically proficient studentsThe Mathematics page is a starting place for information related to the Mathematics Education of Kansas students. With so many changes in education happening, it is vital to our success as educators to be professionally engaged.  On this page, you can find many links and resources to help you accomplish these goals. We encourage you to visit often and become familiar with the contents of this page.

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2017 Kansas Excellence in Math and Science Teaching Conference: Relevance

2017 Kansas Excellence in Math and Science Teaching Conference: Relevance

The best math and science teachers in the state will come together to review, refresh and retool current math and science practices and inspire educators to provide Relevance in their classrooms.

The 2017 Kansas Excellence in Math and Science Teaching Conference scheduled for June 12-14 will be held at the Hutchinson Community College, 1300 N. Plum Street, Hutchinson, Stringer Fine Arts Center.  

I am excited to announce a great opportunity for professional learning for this summer that will help you to really use the implementation of the Kansas Standards for Mathematics as an opportunity to advance instruction in your classroom, building, and district!  The mornings will include guest speakers from KATS, KATM, and others and chances to learn from expert math and science teachers in Kansas--including those that have been a part of innovative Math and Science Partnership grants in Kansas.  

This will be a great opportunity to be inspired and learn from others, but it's the afternoons that I think will really be fantastic.  During the afternoons each day, grade-banded groups will be digging deep into content. Below are the fantastic afternoon sessions we will be offering in mathematics:

Building Procedural Fluency from Conceptual Understanding in the areas of: Common Situations in Addition/Subtraction and Common Situations in Multiplication/Division
In order to build procedural fluency students should have a strong conceptual foundation to support effective reasoning through problems with efficiency and flexibility. This session will focus on the critical teaching practice of "Building Procedural Fluency from Conceptual Understanding" using the computation situations in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division detailed in our standards.

Building Procedural Fluency from Conceptual Understanding in the areas of: Ratios, Proportions and Solving Equations
Fluency is more than speed and accuracy. This session will focus on the research based teaching practice "Build Procedural Fluency from Conceptual Understanding". Using the topics of ratio, proportion and solving equations, we will explore models and strategies that provide a conceptual foundation for these topics and lead to fluent use of procedures.

During these three days of intense professional learning, you will:
·        Network with some of the best math and science teachers in Kansas; Acquire ideas and tools from Kansas math and science education researchers;
·        Dig deep into the standards with strategies to move your classroom, building, and district closer to your vision for math and science education;
·        Take your teaching to the next level.

You are encouraged to attend and extend an invitation to your principals and superintendents to join you at the conference. 

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