Records Checks


Overview of Records Checks
A summary of the various types of local, state and federal checks available.

Background Check Grants
In an effort to reduce a significant funding barrier that mentoring programs face when trying to recruit and match mentors with youth on their waiting lists, Kansas Mentors is excited to announce a grant opportunity to Gold Star programs to help reduce the costs of Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) background checks.  Due to our continued partnership with Volunteer Kansas, KM will be able to award $34,500 in background check funding during 2014.

Click here for more information or application materials.

Background Check Vendors
What background checks are your vendor(s) doing on potential volunteers?  Most programs which utilize screening vendors do not know the answer to that question.  This article gives suggestions on questions to ask your vendor to make sure the proper checks are being done.  The most important part of your job as a mentoring program should be making sure the youth you serve are safe. 

Kansas Bureau of Investigation Background Checks
Click here to find information on Kansas Bureau of Investigation background checks.  Currently, the cost of checks are $20 for name-based checks and $35 for fingerprint-based checks. 

Kansas Department for Children and Families
Kansas DCF will waive the $10 processing fee for registered KM mentoring programs.  For more information on the DCF checks click here.

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