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01/19/2016 Mentoring Matters in Kansas- Background Check Grant Funding Announcement
01/11/2016    Kansas Mentors Launches New Initiative, My Brother's Keeper Kansas
10/23/2015 Coach Snyder and Kansas Mentors Recognize 2015 Outstanding Mentoring Matches
10/06/2015  Kansas Volunteer Commission Seeking Applications for STEM Mentoring
07/28/2015 Coaches Snyder and Beaty Announce Plans for the 2015 Coaches' Mentoring Challenge Campaign
02/09/2015  Kansas Mentors Announces Grant Opportunity 
02/06/2015 Kansas State University Coach Bill Snyder Receives 2015 Excellence in Mentoring Award 
01/21/2015  Volunteer Kansas awards Kansas Mentors $30,000 KBI Background Check Grant
01/05/2015  Governor Proclaims January as Kansas Mentoring Month
12/15/2014  KVC Awards Nearly $100,000 to Mentoring Organizations 
09/02/2014  Kansas and Iowa Announce Mini-Challenge 
08/07/2014 Kansas Mentors Awards $10,000 in Mini-Grant Funding
08/01/2014 The Annual Coaches' Challenge Expands with Support from MENTOR and the Big 12 Conference
03/13/2014  Schools of Hope is KM's Newest Gold Star Program 
03/03/2014  Kansas Mentors Announces Grant Recipients 
01/28/2014 Kansas Mentors Announces Funding Opportunity
Governor Proclaims January Kansas Mentoring Month
12/18/2013 Coaches' Challenge Winner Announced
Outstanding Matches Recognized at KSU Football Game
08/01/2013 Coaches' Challenge Kick-off
06/24/2013  Kansas Mentors Announces Gold Star Recipient- Compeer Mentoring 
05/29/2013  Kansas Mentors Gold Star Program Member Receives International Recognition
04/29/2013 Kansas Mentors Announces Gold Star Recipient- BBBS of the Flint Hills
04/10/2013 Kansas Mentors Announces Gold Star Recipient- BBBS of Salina 
03/05/2013 Kansas Mentors Announces Grant Recipients
01/30/2013 Kansas Mentors Announces Grant Opportunity
01/17/2013  Governor Signs Proclamation Declaring January Kansas Mentoring Month
12/14/2012 Kansas Undefeated for Fifth Year in Coaches' Mentoring Challenge
01/05/2012 Governor Brownback signs Kansas Mentoring Month Proclamation
12/16/2011 Kansas Mentors Announces Funding Opportunity for Background Checks
12/05/2011 Recruiting over 5,000 New Mentors, Kansas Wins Coaches' Challenge
07/27/2011 2011 Coaches' Challenge to include Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa
01/05/2011 National Mentoring Month 2011

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