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"Providing every young Kansan access to a caring and quality mentor."

Kansas Mentors is a statewide mentoring partnership that connects existing mentoring programs with one another and serves as a resource center for communities wishing to start a program. Kansas Mentors works to promote the great mentoring opportunities found throughout the state.

We believe that all children deserve a caring adult role model in their lives to support and guide them; our mission is to help make this a reality.  In reflection of that vision, Kansas Mentors focuses its work in two areas:

1.    Ensuring young Kansans are receiving the highest quality mentoring services
  2.    Recruiting more Kansans to become involved in these efforts

While you're here, check out our 
mentoring FAQ page and directory of local programs.


The 2014 Coaches' Mentoring Challenge begins August 1st!  We are now accepting Outstanding Match Nominations and Coaches' Challenge Materials Order Forms.  Get yours submitted today!  The website is being updated daily, so please be sure to check out the new swag we have prepared for you


NEW 2015 Kansas STEM Mentoring Initiative (VGF) Grant!!!
Applications Due November 14, 2014

Click here to learn more about this grant and to see application materials!!!

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