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On June 11, 2013, the Next Generation Science Standards were adopted as the
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Cool Kansas Science

Kansas Science in Antarctica and Outer Space (almost)


Grace Saba, a research scientist at Rutgers University, contacted KSDE last spring because she wanted to partner with teachers and students in Kansas as part of her outreach for National Science Foundation funded research in Antarctica.  Grace grew up in Harveyville, KS, and was interested in connecting back to home with her outreach. We were able to make connections for her with science teachers in this area and the Rutgers team came to Kansas last summer and provided support materials and training for teachers to incorporate lessons related to her research into their lessons.  Grace has been communicating with the students via Skype while in Antarctica during the school year.  As a part of the project, students are asked to develop and carry out an investigation and then develop posters for a research symposium to share their results—all of the teachers will be bringing their students in to share their research results.  Lots more about the project can be found on their website here: http://coseenow.net/project-parka/  

 Dr. Paul Adams, professor of education and physics at Fort Hays State University, works with sixth graders from Stockton and St. Mary's Grade school to launch their experiments high into the atmosphere.  The project, funded by the Kansas NASA Space Grant, had students design the payload that was carried by a weather balloon up to 85,000 feet high.  The balloon is tracked and retrieved after its flight and students get the payload (and any data collected) back to discuss in their classrooms.
(Link to a story about this in the Hays Post


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