Data Coordinator
Track Description:

The purpose of this track is to help the person responsible for submitting KIDS data to KSDE learn more about the KIDS submission process and data elements. You will learn how your KIDS data is used by the State and Federal governments, and how it impacts your school and district funding. The focus of the track is on enabling you to help create a culture of data quality through effective data auditing and submission practices. You will work with experienced KIDS trainers and other school employees from across the State who also work with and submit student data to KIDS. This  track features a hands-on, practical approach to learning more about the KIDS system.

Target Audience:

This track is designed for staff members who organize and submit the batch files to KIDS, including Technology Coordinators, KIDS Coordinators, Office managers, School Secretaries/Administrative Assistants, SIS administrators, or any school support employee who works directly with the KIDS Collection System. Data Coordinators may or may not also be responsible for data entry into the Online Data Tool or local Student Information System.

Target Skills:
  • Review KIDS vocabulary terms
  • Use KIDS help resources
  • Develop specific strategies for improving data accuracy at the school and district level
  • Become more timely in submitting KIDS Collections
  • Troubleshoot and resolve data errors that may occur in KIDS
  • Understand the purposes of all of the KIDS Collections
  • Increase awareness of the importance of data accuracy
  • Utilize the tools (reports) available in KIDS to analyze data
  • Increase understanding of the KIDS data elements
Sample Certification Exercises
  • Learn about different types of errors, their effect on your district data, and identify the appropriate correction strategies
  • Create a personalized calendar to mark important dates that affect KIDS data submissions
  • Complete a scavenger hunt to better understand all of the KIDS data elements contained in the File Specifications document
Certification Window:
All requirements must be completed no later than four months after starting the program.
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