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KIDS Training Portal


This is our KIDS Training Portal. It provides an environment that allows you to explore the KIDS System.

There are seven lessons contained in the portal along with some additional KIDS reports. When each lesson is selected in the portal, it expands to reveal a subfolder called “Guided Practice.” The Guided Practice provides the opportunity for you to explore the KIDS System in a safe, training environment that simulates searching for a student, uploading a batch file, resolving core student data mis-matches, and generating reports. All student-level data displayed in the KIDS Training portal is fake data.

The device you use will need to have  Microsoft Excel and operate Microsoft Windows with the lastest version of Java enabled.


KIDS Exercises

These exercises located on the Quia website will help new KIDS users to learn and understand important data elements and common KIDS terminology.


KIDS New Staff Training

KIDS New Staff training is offered as a free opportunity for interested staff. Sessions are intended for staff who have not used the KIDS Collection System before (or who have minimal experience with this system) and who will be responsible for submitting student data via KIDS. Instruction in the KIDS data elements and software submission processes is provided. KNS trainings will be held in seven locations throughout Kansas for the upcoming 2014 - 2015 school year. 

KSDE reserves the right to cancel/combine/add training sessions based on demand. You will be notified in advance if any training session is going to be cancelled or combined.


KIDS New Staff Training Documents

These documents are used during the KIDS New Staff Training.
 TitleDescriptionModified DateSize 
Common KIDS Errors 2013-2014This document contains a list of many of the common errors that are generated in the KIDS Collection System and possible solutions. Current version is v5.01.7/31/2014215.37 KBDownload
Excel Tip Sheet 2015KIDS reports automatically export to Excel. This document provides a few basics tips to working in Excel to help you compare KIDS data with your SIS data. 7/31/2014121.47 KBDownload
KIDS 2014-2015 New Staff Training PowerPointThis is the handout of the PowerPoint that is used during the KIDS New Staff Ttraining.1/21/20152.17 MBDownload
KIDS 2014-2015 Step-by-Step Submission InstructionsThis document provides step-by-step instructions for submitting batch files of student records to KIDS, including the processes for correcting errors and resolving near matches.1/21/201589.83 KBDownload
What to Expect with KIDS 2014-2015This resource is for staff new to KIDS and is designed to orient you to some of the basics you need to know as you begin working with the KIDS system.7/31/2014101.23 KBDownload

Pre-Collection Workshops

KSDE offers Pre-Collection Workshops for many of the KIDS Collection record types (ENRL, TITL, TEST, MILT, EOYA, and STCO) throughout the 2014 - 2015 school year. These workshops will be conducted exclusively via webinar.

Click here to Register for a Pre-Collection Refresher Workshop and see a list of available training dates.
KSDE reserves the right to add, cancel, or combine sessions based upon demand.

Pre-Collection Workshops Documents

These are the PowerPoints and video recordings for the Pre-Collection Workshops.
 TitleDescriptionModified DateSize 
MILT RecordingThis is the webinar recording for the 11 February 2015 training. 2/12/2015UnknownDownload
MILT PowerPointThis is the webinar presentation document for the February 11, 2015, training.2/12/20151.60 MBDownload
TEST Extended RecordingThis is the webinar recording for the January 22, 2015, training. 1/22/2015UnknownDownload
TEST Extended PowerPointThis is the webinar presentation document for the January 22, 2015, training. 1/22/20151.57 MBDownload



KSDE recommends that KIDS staff become certified in the Data Quality Certification Program Track for Data Coordinators. KIDS staff that have approximately one year of experience are encouraged to take this advanced training program. This free program is dedicated to building a culture of quality data in Kansas and tracks for administrators, data entry staff, and program staff in assessments and accountability are also available. 

Click here to learn more.



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