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Spring Vendor Conferences Presentations


KSDE presented several sessions at vendor conferences this spring. Below are the PowerPoints shared during the presentations.

KSDE Coming Attractions 2014

KIDS Planned Changes 2014 - 2015

DQC Spotlight Presentation-KIDS Reports




KIDS Project Website

This is the homepage for the Kansas Individual Data on Students system. Here you can access the KIDS system by using your KSDE user name and password, find important documentation, register for training opportunities, and much more.

Important Announcements:

KIDS New Staff Training: This is a reminder that there is one KIDS New Staff training for the 2014-15 School Year remaining.  This training takes place via an Adobe Connect webinar on March 27, 2015. There is also a prerequisite Orientation webinar recording. To register for this session, click on the link:

KIDS New Staff trainings provide an overview of the KIDS Collection System. It is designed for school and district staff who are new to the KIDS system. Data elements, record types, and reports will be discussed. A demonstration of the submission process will be provided along with hands-on practice for participants.  This session will include time for participants to practice uploading different types of files to KIDS and run reports.


2014-2015 MILT Collection

The 2014-2015 KIDS MILT Collection is open and will close on March 10, 2015.
The KIDS MILT Collection focuses on gathering student enrollment data for districts whose student population significantly increases after the September 20th (ENRL) funding count due to military movement. It also gathers student enrollment data for schools and districts with virtual education students. To prepare your school or district's MILT submissions, we encourage you to visit the Documents page on our website and access the following resources:
  • KIDS 2014-2015 Submission Details Document-MILT
  • KIDS 2014-2015 File Specifications Document
  • Guidelines for Reporting Virtual Education Students in KIDS

The presentation from our MILT webinar was recorded for those unable to participate. The recording and the PowerPoint displayed as part of that presentation has been posted to the KIDS Webpage under the Training tab.  From here you can visit the Pre-Collection Workshops sub container: .


2014-2015 STCO Collection


The 2014-2015 STCO Collection gathers the student, course, and teacher link along with the outcome/grade that the student earned in the course. The STCO Collection is open for the 2014-2015 school year.

STCO records are required to be submitted to KIDS early in the school year in order for rosters to be available in K-FIT and Success in School applications. Please refer to the Submission Details Document-STCO 2014-2015 to see a list of required and optional data elements. This document can be found under the Related KIDS Resources sub container on the “Documents” tab of this website.


2014-2015 TEST Collection

The 2014-2015 KIDS TEST Collection is now open and will close on Friday, June 12, 2015.
The KIDS TEST Collection focuses on gathering student data for State assessments. A student’s most current TEST record by Accountability School and test subject will be used to provide information to CETE for State assessments. The assessment results of all students submitted to KIDS on TEST records will be counted by KSDE for accountability purposes. The demographic fields from the most recently submitted TEST record are used to determine student sub-groups for accountability purposes.

To prepare your school or district's TEST submissions, we encourage you to visit the 
Documents page on our website and access the following resources:
  • KIDS 2014-2015 Submission Details Document-TEST
  • KIDS 2014-2015 File Specifications Document

Visit the Assessments page of the KSDE website for the following resources:

  • 2014-15 Kansas Assessments Overview


KSDE offers a wide variety of help resources to support school and district users submitting data via KIDS. 
  • The KIDS Help Desk, where users may seek help working directly with the KIDS software, is staffed during normal business hours. The telephone number is 785-296-7935.
  • The KIDS email account ( allows school and district personnel to submit questions and receive a personal response.
  • Conference calls with the KIDS Team members allow school and district personnel to speak directly with the KIDS support team.
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