Special Announcement: DQC Program receives National Recognition!!

The Data Quality Certification Program received national recognition when Education Secretary Arnie Duncan shared the following statement in a speech, “Some districts and states are demonstrating real leadership and thoughtfulness in these areas, and we all can learn from them. For example, the Kansas State Department of Education has developed an innovative data quality certification program to train staff on data quality practices and techniques, including privacy and security.”  

Click here to read the review and text of the speech.  

Welcome to the Data Quality Certification Program
The Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) has developed a Data Quality Certification (DQC) program with specialized tracks for data entry personnel, data coordinators, program staff, and administrators. These tracks include instruction on general data quality practices and techniques, as well as intensive role-based training with the KSDE web-based applications, including the Kansas Individual Data on Students (KIDS) system, and their support resources. 

DQC certification is not required it is a voluntary professional development opportunity for interested staff members.
DQC 2014-2015 Recertification Registration
DQC Recertification Registration for the 2014-2015 school year is now open! Those that have earned certifications in one or more of the DQC tracks are required to register to renew their certification. Even those that just earned their certification in the spring of 2014 will need to renew their certification. Recertification sessions start in July and continue until the deadline in October. A video option will also be available for those unable to attend a webinar.

Click here to register to renew your certification.

2014-2015 DQC Program Registration Information

Are you interested in the Data Quality Certification Program but wonder which track is right for you?

  • The Data Coordinator track is for anyone who works directly with the KIDS system submitting batch files.
  • The Data Entry track is for anyone who manages student data in their local student information system, but relies on someone else to submit batch files to the KIDS system.
  • The Administrator track is for principals, superintendents, building administrators, etc. who are responsible for signing off on their building or district’s reports including the PBR, SO66, Dropout/Graduation Summary Report, NCLB Discipline Reports, or Accountability Reports. Administrators are not required to have a year of experience prior to pursuing certification.
  • The Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability track is for assessment coordinators, school improvement personnel, and anyone who serves as a steward of state assessment and accountability-related data. This track is not available for the 2014-2015 school year.

If you have questions about which session is right for you, visit the Help page to send us an email of your position duties and we will assist you in finding the best training options for you.

Certification Requirements
The requirements for completion of the DQC certification program are different for each certification track but may include:
  • Participation in a brief orientation session
  • Participation in training sessions (in-person and online)
  • Completion of coursework/activities
  • Successful completion of a final certification exam or activity

In some tracks, participants will have approximately four to five months to successfully complete all certification requirements. Participants are required to maintain certifications annually by completing a refresher curriculum that may be offered online or in-person.

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Program Tracks
KSDE has developed DQC tracks that are customized for the following school roles: 

Data Entry Personnel

Data Coordinators


Program Staff in Assessments & Accountability  -- Not available for the 2014-2015 School Year

Parents as Teachers -- Foundations for School Success Program Staff 


Purposes of the DQC Program
  • To build a culture of quality data in the State of Kansas
  • To improve data quality and reduce the negative effects of inaccurate/missing data
  • To recognize the hard work and accomplishments of schools and districts in managing data
  • To reinforce that data management responsibilities are critical to an effective school environment and require a specific set of skills
  • To provide networking opportunities for school and district staff members from across the state
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